The Feel Good Drag – Demo

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Sep 262012

The Feel Good Drag hails from Cologne, Germany. This surf/grunge rock band consists of three members: Molly, Sebastian, and Martin. They recently released a three piece demo, which can be downloaded for free on Bandcamp.

First of all, I feel that this band should have been more original and not taken their name from a song recorded by Anberlin in 2008. It doesn’t give me the impression that they will surprise their fans with fresh, new material in the future. (Not to mention, it does make me inclined to compare their music to Anberlin’s).That grievance stated, now onto reviewing the music. Continue reading »

May 012012

Rock / Indie band The Feel Good Drag from Germany released their debut 3 song EP in Februari this year. The EP is available for free download from their bandcamp website.

The Feel Good Drag is a new, young Band from Cologne, Germany. They played a show with MxPx AllStars last month, April 11, and are booked for mainstage Freakstock Festival this summer [August 1-5].