Mar 042018

Someone once said, “All good things must come to an end” and metalcore heroes Darkness Divided are calling it a day, but going out in style with an upcoming tour an an ep of new songs that will be The End of It All…for the band.

In roughly eight years, the San Antonio band Darkness Divided have established themselves as one of the top metalcore bands and to my ears have been able to differentiate themselves in the genre primarily through the strength of the guitar work and vocals and by not relying solely on the established  songwriting elements of the genre.  In the beginning the band was a four piece of the three Mora brothers, Gerard (vocals), Chris (guitars), and Joseph (bass) along with Israel Hernandez on drums.  Over the years, lineups changed but all three brothers remained involved.  For the ep, Gerard and Joseph are in their established roles but guitars and backing/secondary vocals are now handled by Sebastian Elizondo and drums were recorded by a friend of the band, Juan Hinojosa covering for Hayden Allen.  As a band, recording the ep was a bit of a different process as the band members all have full time jobs, so everything was done in parts with production handled by Mora brother Chris at War Horse Recordings. Continue reading »