Jul 062018

Pre-order Opus Irae debut single ‘The Burden of Man’ now on iTunes, foreshadowing the release of the full length “Into the Endless Night”. Mix/master by Dan Swanö. Exclusively on iTunes with multi page digital booklet.

Classy and with exceptional song writing skills – Opus Irae will restore your faith in the medium of extreme music to both soothe and crush your spirit, transporting you away to ethereal realms of darkness…  Continue reading »

Mar 132016

Opus_Irae_The_BurdenThe extreme metal band Opus Irae from Southern Germany have released a single for the song ‘The Burden of Man’ from their upcoming full length release on Endtime Productions later this year.  Listeners will hear a blend of the classical with black metal that hearkens back to the sounds from early Emperor and Dimmu Borgir.  If the “Burden of Man” is a good indication, one can expect melody, blast beats, atmospheric keyboards, and shrieking black metal vocals combined in a way that blends beauty, darkness, and power. Continue reading »