Dec 032017

The Bearded Dragon (Mason Beard) announces the release of “Metal From The Dragon Vol. II” – There are 33 bands and tracks on the album, it’s going to be released the pay what you want option. Bands include Ozmathog, Children of Wrath, Death Requisite, Deliverance and many others (full tracklist below). The planned release date is December 22nd.

“Metal From The Dragon Vol. 1” is released on June 23, 2017 and features 32 tracks from a variety of Christian heavy music acts. Get it here.

This compilation serves in two ways: to promote my website, but more importantly, to promote the bands on this compilation. My website is a small blog, but many people have told me that it means a lot to them, typically when I help promote their band. That’s what I’m all about. So why not do a compilation?! This way, the bands get more exposure and fans! Continue reading »