May 062019

Come to Pass, a new death metal one-man band signed to up and coming label The Bearded Dragon Productions, has officially released their debut EP, which is titled “Amongst Plagues.”

The band signed with the label in early 2019, shortly after their formation in late 2018. The band, originally comprised of three brothers – Nick, Colan, and Zack Wiser – formed out of Virginia in the United States. However, due to creative differences, Colan and Zack departed from the band, leaving Nick the only remaining member.

“Brutal Biblical Slam.” Brainchild Nick Wiser (picture) states. Continue reading »

Apr 142019

Shekinah has joined The Bearded Dragon Productions roster, also known as the Draak Herd. The project is a newly formed side-project of the ambiguous and ambitious Nocturnal Servant of black metal project Proven Existence and goregrind project Brainkrusher.

The new and inspired black metal project, Shekinah, is extremely straightforward in their views. The project’s announcement came by way of retaliation of the Lousiana Church Burnings by a black metal musician who claimed to be influenced by the likes of Varg Vikernes of Burzum, known most infamously for being involved in the burnings of Fantoft Stave Church, Åsane Church, Skjold Church, Holmenkollen Chapel, the attempted arson of Storetveit Church, as well as stabbing Euronymous of Mayhem. Continue reading »

Mar 162019

Mystic Winter, the raw and atmospheric, frost-bitten black metal project from Indiana, has officially released their debut EP, titled “Tergiversating Blasphemies.” The five-song EP has something of a concept behind.

“My lyrical writing for the first track that I wrote, the title track, was focused around hypocrisy in the Christian church and how certain offshoots incorporate Pagan beliefs into their theology and teachings. However, all of the tracks hold a certain level of hope for the end, while depressing and sad throughout, the end bears redemption through Christ” writes Vocalist/Drummer Asaph. Continue reading »

Feb 182019

Defying Darkness, a new and upcoming doom metal, death metal, and black metal project, has joined onto the roster of The Bearded Dragon Productions.

Defying Darkness brings a new side to the label,” Founder Mason Beard stated. “with an atmospheric take on blackened doom metal, with a touch of drone metal within and some incredible death metal vocals.” Continue reading »

Nov 302018

Reserction, a project formed by Jeremy Feeney, has joined the roster over at The Bearded Dragon Productions. The project, self-described as “heavitory”, brings an interesting side of the labels’ vision. Bringing more of an industrial side of heavy, the project shows similarities to bands similar to Klank.

“My choice to sign Reserction was the same for the other projects that have signed.” Founder Mason Beard says, “Jeremy came to me and we discussed his project and him being on a compilation. However, it progressed to him joining the label.”

The project falls more into dubstep, while still keeping a metal tone to it, to which Feeney calls “heavitory” or “deathstep”. Continue reading »