Jan 172020

Three Days In Hell have debuted their first album, “A Bloody Retelling”, which is being released through The Bearded Dragon Productions. The band was created through 2018 by Samuel Reeves on Vocals and Chris Besonen on Guitars and Drums.

The album is a concept release, setting up a long future of similar releases, including a series of split EPs. evilSHED, a project created by Besonen, has been a part of this form of storytelling, and the two acts continue to present an interesting form of lyrical composure, despite their raw production values.

All I can say is the album is raw, rough, heavy and full of bizarre Metal noise. I think it reflects the lyrics well, as they chronicle the events of the Old Testament, which is bloody, violent and a bit unorganized too. The Bible is Brutal, so we want to reflect that in every way we can!” states Besonen.

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Dec 242019

Resurrected Divinity, the slamming brutal death metal project, has officially signed with The Bearded Dragon Productions. The project began in 2019 out Rock Spring, Georgia and has released four EPs, two demos, a single and a full-length, all of which came out this year, independently. The project was created by Tyler Johnson, who is no stranger to the genre.

“All I can really say is that I’m grateful to be on a label that takes faith in Christ really serious.” states Johnson, when asked about joining the roster. Resurrected Divinity is currently working on their second album.

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Dec 202019

Goatscorge lays waste to eardrums with a black metal/grind/noise onslaught on what appears to be their first full length release.

About all I can tell you about Goatscorge is that it is a solo project that has its origins in Russellville, Alabama.  On their Bandcamp, everything was posted in 2019, so the artist has been a bit prolific.  Beside a couple of singles, one could call Awaiting the Apocalypse an ep with Marching Against the Evil One being the first full-length.

In terms of style, one can expect noise, black, ambient, and grindcore elements within the various songs on Marching Against the Evil One.  The album opens up with some distorted background noise with some organ playing way off in the distance on “An End to All the is Unholy” an d at this point, I had no idea what was coming.  “Marching Against the Evil One” is the first real track on the album and it opens up with some incredibly distorted instruments playing and the deep growled, unintelligible vocals, with the song as a whole sounding much like a cd was skipping and being played through a poor quality boombox on full volume.

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Nov 232019

Seiertrone has released their debut album, “Lyskongens Gjenkomst”, via The Bearded Dragon Productions.

The project known as Seiertrone began in 2019 by an ambiguous entity known simply as Den Ukjente, who performs all the instrumentation as well as Vocals. After recording an album, Den Ukjente looked around for a label to release the album, settling on The Bearded Dragon Productions.

“We were very excited at the idea of signing this project. The project is just a powerhouse in the making. I am extremely happy that we are finally able to share this with the World.” says the label’s founder Mason Beard.

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Nov 152019

Goatscorge has released their chaotic debut upon the Earth, titled “Marching Against the Evil One”.

Goatscorge started in 2019, as a project of Nocturnal Servant, also known for his works with Proven Existence, What Brings Ruin, Shekinah, Brainkrusher, and Mindgames. Earlier this year, the band released a single titled ‘Lacerate the Goat’ and an EP titled “Awaiting the Apocalypse”, both via The Bearded Dragon Productions, with the album being released through the label as well.

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