Nov 152019

Goatscorge has released their chaotic debut upon the Earth, titled “Marching Against the Evil One”.

Goatscorge started in 2019, as a project of Nocturnal Servant, also known for his works with Proven Existence, What Brings Ruin, Shekinah, Brainkrusher, and Mindgames. Earlier this year, the band released a single titled ‘Lacerate the Goat’ and an EP titled “Awaiting the Apocalypse”, both via The Bearded Dragon Productions, with the album being released through the label as well.

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Sep 282019

Uriah, a new solo project, has debuted their single, ‘Sorrow’, through the up and coming metal label, The Bearded Dragon Productions.

Uriah – which stands for ‘God is Light’ – was formed in early 2018 created by Asaph, drummer of Symphony of Heaven and the main musician behind Mystic Winter. While conceived in 2018, the project did not progress until very recently in mid-2019, with the recording of “Sorrow”.

“I recorded “Sorrow” as a testament to the recent struggles in my life. Day-to-day stuff mostly. It has to do with an unfortunate approach of mine, which is to flee and not look back. It’s not necessarily for anyone to enjoy the lyrics, it is more about just giving people something to relate to.” states Asaph. Continue reading »

Aug 242019

Three Days in Hell, a new brutal death metal and slam metal project, has joined forces with The Bearded Dragon Produtions. The band, formed by Sam Reeves and Chris Besonen, the project began to work on material to release.

hellSHED is a split series by Three Days in Hell and evilSHED. The split provides exclusive songs and remixes not seen on either project’s full-length albums.” stated Besonen.

The split, titled hellSHED – a mix between Three Days in Hell and evilSHED, Besonen‘s other project – will be released on September 13, 2019 through The Bearded Dragon Productions, with physical copies coming soon. Continue reading »

Aug 102019

The black metal act known as White Fog has officially released their debut album, “Temple of Sorrow”. The album was released through The Bearded Dragon Productions, home to bands such as Mystic Winter and Proven Existence.

“It’s unlike anything you’ve heard from this band before.” states White Fog founder Nick “Phantom” Boisjolie. “Temple of Sorrow is a unique experience; it’s a haunted and gloomy feeling while embracing the light at the end of the tunnel. The lyrics are mainly about hunting demons and holy apparitions.”

The album is available digitally through The Bearded Dragon‘s Bandcamp site. Physical CDs will be distributed at a later date through TBDP and Blackened Label Records. Continue reading »

Aug 042019

The Bearded Dragon Productions have signed two more projects to their evergrowing roster. Zombie Mortician and Desmodus Rotundus have signed on with the label. The two projects, both helmed by Kenneth Holsen of Nattesorg, Himmelriket, Naglet, and Frostnoise, blend with The Bearded Dragon Productions lineup seemlessly; raw untamed black metal.

Both bands have joined the roster, which also contains Proven Existence, Mystic Winter, Defying Darkness, Lucifier Impaled, and White Fog, with hopes to release their new upcoming albums – “Are Already Dead” by Zombie Mortician and “Ravening Wolves” by Desmodus Rotundus – through the label.

The albums will be released respectively on October 11 and December 13, 2019 through The Bearded Dragon Productions and physical copies will come later through Blackened Label Records. Continue reading »