Mar 162019

Mystic Winter, the raw and atmospheric, frost-bitten black metal project from Indiana, has officially released their debut EP, titled “Tergiversating Blasphemies.” The five-song EP has something of a concept behind.

“My lyrical writing for the first track that I wrote, the title track, was focused around hypocrisy in the Christian church and how certain offshoots incorporate Pagan beliefs into their theology and teachings. However, all of the tracks hold a certain level of hope for the end, while depressing and sad throughout, the end bears redemption through Christ” writes Vocalist/Drummer Asaph. Continue reading »

Feb 182019

Defying Darkness, a new and upcoming doom metal, death metal, and black metal project, has joined onto the roster of The Bearded Dragon Productions.

Defying Darkness brings a new side to the label,” Founder Mason Beard stated. “with an atmospheric take on blackened doom metal, with a touch of drone metal within and some incredible death metal vocals.” Continue reading »

Nov 302018

Reserction, a project formed by Jeremy Feeney, has joined the roster over at The Bearded Dragon Productions. The project, self-described as “heavitory”, brings an interesting side of the labels’ vision. Bringing more of an industrial side of heavy, the project shows similarities to bands similar to Klank.

“My choice to sign Reserction was the same for the other projects that have signed.” Founder Mason Beard says, “Jeremy came to me and we discussed his project and him being on a compilation. However, it progressed to him joining the label.”

The project falls more into dubstep, while still keeping a metal tone to it, to which Feeney calls “heavitory” or “deathstep”. Continue reading »

Nov 102018

The new black metal project Proven Existence has inked a deal with the up and coming label, The Bearded Dragon Productions. Proven Existence released their track, ‘No Light, No Compassion‘, and immediately received feedback. The project’s founder, Nocturnal Servant, has been a prominent supporter in the underground unblack metal scene, citing himself as a fan of Symphony of Heaven, Children of Wrath, Frost Like Ashes, and many more.

“I’ve been friends with the brainchild behind Proven Existence and really hoped he would do something, eventually. And luckily, he decided to. So, obviously, I jumped all over that!” Founder Mason Beard says.

Proven Existence is working on a new track, ‘Slaughter the Innocent’, set to come out on December 14, 2018, through Bandcamp. Continue reading »

Oct 252018

The death metal/deathgrind project known as Victual Flesh has officially joined The Bearded Dragon Productions.

Victual Flesh was a project I had first considered to ask to be a part of the label, alongside another project, who as of now, shall remain unannounced. Victual Flesh just kinda fit exactly what I was trying to go for. Independent and just brutal!” Mason Beard says.

The project began around 2017, headed up by Jonathan C. Hovis. Victual Flesh has put out three albums, an EP and five singles, all available for free download. On October 26, 2018, the label is set to re-release ‘Sticks & Stones’ to commemorate the project’s signing. (Get it here). Continue reading »