Apr 142019

While releasing the More Love More Power fundraiser ep for the Skip Brooks family, Thumper Punk Records found a previously unreleased collection of tracks from All Hail the King, the worship band from Rise Above Ministries where Skip Brooks was pastor.  Much like More Love More Power, this collection of songs showcases the band’s ability to reinterpret classic songs through a rock lens in a way that doesn’t  seem contrived or take anything away from the original songs.

Pastor Skip Brooks passed away on November 25, 2018 following a battle with cancer, a loss felt by many within the Christian punk scene as it is.  I can still remember the first time I heard one of Skip’s bands, Our Corpse Destroyed, roaring through Black Flag’s “Rise Above”.  Being a Black Flag fan since high school in the late 80’s, the opening bars of the song instantly grabbed my attention.  As I followed the song and wandered into the sweaty, steamy tent at Cornerstone Festival, I was blown away with the whole scene, from the spot on performance, to the intensity that poured from the stage.  I was hooked and just to make sure I wasn’t hearing things, I dragged others to their other sets and they were similarly blown away.  To this day, my OCD albums are among my favorites as there’s no getting past that incredible punk rock guitar tone and lyrics that really hit home.  I only really got to meet Skip once and that was just before his Crush the Enemy project became public and I still remember that chat and the sincerity in what he was saying.  Skip was pastor at Rise Above Ministries in San Antonio and the songs on this fundraiser are a recording from All Hail the King, the worship team at Rise Above. Continue reading »

Mar 272019

In the course of releasing “More Love More Power: Fundraiser for Skip Brooks’ family,” the musical fundraiser to help pay medical and funeral expenses for Pastor Skip Brooks, a previously undisclosed recording was discovered. And now Thumper Punk Records is doubly honored to also release “Texas and Tennessee: Fundraiser for Skip Brooks’ family,” which features seven unreleased studio tracks from All Hail The King, the worship band from Rise Above Ministries, in San Antonio, Texas. These tracks feature the same heavy worship sound as More Love More Power, but also add reggae and rocksteady influences to move both your feet and soul.

All Hail the King features Jenni Brooks (vocals), Danny Naselli (drums), Matt Blow (vocals & guitar), Johnny Rodriguez (bass & vocals), and Damian Munoz (vocals & guitar). All proceeds from the sale of this album will help support Skip and Jenni’s two young sons Texas and Tennessee Brooks Continue reading »