Dec 012018

Here is Dream Patrol‘s new video for the song ‘Tattooed Millionaire From Panama’.

Bassplayer Ronnie König comments: “I’ve always loved the chorus of Tattooed Millionaire. It’s brilliant. The original idea was just to do a “normal” cover. At the same time, we knew, that doing a cover is nice, but adding some value to it, is even better. I know Van Halen – Panama from one of the talk radio shows, where they play it as bumper music. When I heard it on the radio, it clicked. The second riff from Van Halen worked with the lyrics of Dickinson’s bridge and we took it from there. The result is a mashup and that’s why we also combined the names of both songs.”

Special guest: Mistheria (keyboard, Hammond)

The video can be seen below. Continue reading »