Sep 072020

Brutal death metal band Taking The Head Of Goliath recently reported the following:

Welcome Mr. Miles Sunde of Crimson Thorn fame to Taking The Head Of Goliath!!! We’re back to full force as a five piece and are currently writing for our sophmore full length to be titled “Futility Of The Flesh” set to be released on Rottweiler Records. Prepare yourselves for next level TTHOG!!!

On August 30th, the band was live on facebook, watch the video below.

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Oct 042019

Brutal death metal band Taking The Head Of Goliath have teamed up with The Metal Resource to bring you the exclusive premiere of the new lyric video for ‘Cord Of Three Strands.’  About the song frontman Jake Martin says the following

We’re very excited to release ‘Cord Of Three Strands’, it has really been a long time coming. We debuted this song live on stage at Audiofeed Music Festival on July 6th 2018 in conjunction with the Rottweiler Records release of our debut album. It’s been a crowd favorite at every show we’ve played since and we’re beyond stoked to finally release the studio version of the song accompanied by a killer lyric video.

This track is Taking The Head Of Goliath’s first studio effort with our drummer Steve Reishus as well as the final studio offering with our former second guitarist Rob Blake. The track has been in the vault for nearly a year now and I must say the addition of Steve to the band is probably what will stand out the most from the overall sound of the first record. The drum tracks are on a whole new level! Will Maravelas at 14:59 Studios in Minneapolis did a masterful job once again with our recording, mixing and mastering and Tyler Cobillas at TC Media killed it with the lyric video and digital album cover for the single.

This song was born to be released in a lyric video format. ‘Cord’ has a message that is very important and far too overlooked in today’s society and divorce culture. This is a death metal song though so thank God the lyric video gives the listener the opportunity to read along to get the point! This is a song about biblical marriage, the relationship of Christ and the church and the divine calling of those entered into the covenant of holy matrimony. Continue reading »

Feb 122019

Brutal Death Metal Band Taking the Head of Goliath (TTHOG) checked in with the following sad news:

“We would like to wish guitarist Rob Blake well as we announce his departure from Taking Head Of Goliath. We thank him for his every contribution to this project. We are honored to have his talents on the debut record and to have shared the stage with him for so many memorable shows. May God bless the Blake family in whatever the future holds.”

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Jul 122018

Out of the ashes of Crimson Thorn come Taking the Head of Goliath who have released the debut studio album …a monstrously heavy slab of death metal and follow up to their debut live album.

The Minnesota band Taking the Head of Goliath traces their roots all the way back to 2015 and basically is the story of a collection of bands breaking up and members of those bands getting together and looking for bass player, which brought in Luke Renno from Crimson Thorn.  The band quickly gained attention, playing their first show on the For Today farewell tour, which also featured Norma Jean.  The band’s debut show was also released as an ep earlier on Noisetrade and their self-titled ep  is their debut after signing to Rottweiler Records.  On the self-titled ep, Matthew Mark Vangsgard laid the drum tracks but he has since left the band and been replaced by Steve Reishus (ex-Crimson Thorn). For those who can’t easily decipher the lyrics, the band is looking to spread a message of hope, redemption, strength, and courage through Jesus Christ.

Haunting, eerie music builds in the intro track “Of Sin and Death” and then the pounding rhythm of “Oblivious into Oblivion” kicks in with a great guitar fill at the beginning before settling into a double bass driven section supporting a mixture of death growls and shrieks.  Guttural vocals rule the day here and the band comes through with punishingly heavy riffs to keep the song moving.  For my ears, the closest comparison here would be bands like Broken Flesh and Cannibal Corpse. Continue reading »

Jun 122018

Brutal death metal band Taking The Head Of Goliath have teamed up with The Metal Resource to bring you the exclusive premiere of the new lyric video for ‘Audacity To Inspire.’ The song appears on their upcoming self-titled album, which will be released on July 6th via Rottweiler Records. The video can be watched below.

Frontman Jake Martin says: “We’re very excited to finally be counting down the days for our debut CD release on Rottweiler Records. The label has been so awesome to us. We were signed in the bands infancy so we appreciate everyone’s patience for this release as well as Rottweiler seeing something in us and signing us unprecedentedly early. There’s so much talent with hearts for Christ on this label, we couldn’t be more blessed to be part of The Pack. We were also able to work with some incredible talent on this record. Dave Requisite from Death Requisite and Requisite Resonance composed our intro and outro scores on the record and the one and only Par Olofsson did our epic album art. The opportunity to work with these men was a dream come true. Par‘s two pieces for us perfectly captured our band name and style of music before one even hears the first note. This lyric video for ‘Audacity To Inspire’ communicates the mission of this band and our call as men of God and also features Par‘s artwork. Continue reading »