Upon Wings – “Afterlife” EP

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Jun 202014

UUPON WINGS are from the United States, and describe themselves as a female-fronted operatic rock band with metal and classical influence. There is a lot of commercial rock sentiment that outflows from the overall sound of the band. For me they are a mix of bands like Firelight, Epica, HB, NightWish and others of that vein.

“After creating the idea for UPON WINGS, classically-trained mezzo-soprano Anne Autumn Erickson entered the studio with Michigan-based, Grammy-nominated engineer Glenn Brown to put the ideas onto tape. The result is a collection of music with strong Euro-classical ties, including UPON WINGS’ debut single, “The Dream (I’m Only Happy When I’m Sleeping).”” – Biography of Upon Wings

Afterlife the new EP from UPON WINGS brings a commercial orientated brand of rock that is infused with metal, and made complete with classical and operatic influences. The new EP features many names that one might be familiar with, from guest vocalist Brett Hestla (Ex-Creed, Dark New Day), who was also involved on production. Continue reading »