Oct 102013

SHGM_VOL_II_FRONTSo another Swedish project has landed in my lap in the form of “Swedish Hits Go Metal 2”. Now I have never really been a ‘fan’ of those “Pop goes punk” or “Metal goes pop” type releases, they usually cheap, rubbish compilations that irritate me to no end. But I have learnt with the Swedish musicians, that they often produce and release super high caliber quality albums that are often a force to be reckoned with. Now I have not listened to the first release of Swedish Hitz Goes Metal, so I cannot compare the two for you, but I’ll do my best to fully give you the best overview I can on this one.

Now over the years I have often looked at the labels the bands are on to determine, or atleast give me an idea of what I could expect from a particular band. Like with labels like Thumper Punk Records, if you in to punk, you gonna listen to some of the best punk bands out there, hands down. Now same can be said with the Swedish record label, Doolittle Records when it comes to Hard rock or Heavy metal……you are almost sure its gonna be a quality product that could be good or even earth shattering. So “Swedish Hits Go Metal 2“ is co-released through, Liljegren Records/Doolittle Group, that said even before I listened I knew I was going to listen to something that is by no means a average basket-case of cover tunes. Its like when you see the name Steven Spielberg attached to a movie, by all likely hood its going to be a great movie of high caliber, and will have all the right ingredients include to be a box office smash hit. Continue reading »

Sep 072013

Tommy_pressphoto2Tommy ReinXeed – the talented shining star from the North of Sweden is back with “Swedish Hitz Goes Metal” vol. II. The upcoming album- “Vol II” will be released on the 25th of October worldwide via Doolittle Group. 

“Vol II” includes songs from the legendary ABBA, The Cardigans, Loreen. The entire tracklist is listed below. And do not forget to watch the 8:54 min long album teaser.

The firstSwedish Hitz Goes Metal” album was released worldwide may 2011 with good response in Sweden & Japan where the album charted good positions on top lists! With the album we get the biggest hits penned by ABBA, Roxette and Ace Of Base. Continue reading »