Jun 142015

DENIED_LOGOSwedish heavy metal band Denied recently reported the following’

After 7 years of touring and 3 releases, Denied has parted with singer Johan Fahlberg.

Founding member Andreas Carlsson said, ‘We have shared great times together and created a lot of kick ass heavy metal. We are still the best of friends and there is absolutely no bad blood between him and the band. Johan needed to focus on his commitment to Jaded Heart and there was simply not enough time for the both bands any longer. We fully understand his decision to quit. He will always be our brother’ Continue reading »

Mar 022013

MyEndlessWishes_coverBorn in 2005 and hailing out of Sweden by Frida and Martin Viberg, whom got married in 2006 My Endless Wishes mix up a traditional metal style with the incorporation of a very melodic and symphonic overtone that snugs in closer at times to a more hard rock brand of style. Again those whom follow my reviews will note that I love the bands that come out of the Nordic regions, and My Endless Wishes fits in with the many great bands that come out of there.

On their self-titled debut they deliver a strong setting for future releases. Yes there are a lot of bands past and present that have had similar styles, like Evanescence, Nightwish and Within Temptation which are musical influences. Despite the similarities, what they give the listener is a high quality album, that breathes with purpose and passion, and captures the heart of the listener. Frida Viberg has wonderfully controlled vocals that are both haunting and engaging at the same time throughout the album, and holds her notes well. Continue reading »

Interview With ‘My Endless Wishes’

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Mar 012013

My Endless Wishes_logoMy Endless Wishes is a female fronted melodic rock band from Lindesberg, Sweden, their self titled debut album will be released in the end of this month via Doolittle Group AB [Christian Liljegren]. My Endless Wishes is bombastic, with a true sound & real strings for fans of Evanescence, HB, Nightwish, Within Temptation. An interview with My Endless Wishes follows below:

TMR: Hello guys this is´The Metal Resource’ from Holland, how are things going there in Sweden?

Hey! Things are great, a bit snowy and still cold, but apart from the we’re great! We’re so excited about the album release! Continue reading »

Feb 132013

MyEndlessWishesMy Endless Wishes self titled debut album will be released next month on march 29 2013. Bombastic, true sound, with real strings for fans of Evanescence, Nightwish, Within Temptation. Check the cover & tracklist below, and do not forget to watch the teaser.

My Endless Wishes was created in 2005 by Frida and Martin Viberg, married since 2006. Musical influences have always been melodic metal, bands such as Evanescence, Nightwish, Within Temptation, etc. Joined by some local musicians they entered a studio in 2008, and recorded and produced a demo named ”Never Walk Alone”, which contained 9 tracks, and was released in 2009. The song titled ”Never Walk Alone” was also released on MySpace and got so much attention that it was released on a cd compilation named ”Ultra pop overdose” in the USA.

Continue reading »

No Possession Blues – No Possession Blues

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Dec 272012

NoPossessionBlues_coverThere has been some great music recently that I have reviewed that has firstly, A) come out of Sweden, and, B) from the Doolittle group AB. Here again is another example of that label where the band in question delivers high quality musicianship that is both innovative and powerful. No Possession Blues was formed in 2009 out of Vaggeryd, Sweden, and its key focus is live performances and writing their own brand of blues rock that is infused with rockabilly that fundamentally aims to entertain past the commercial arena.

Lead guitar work is handled by the talented Micko Ylinikka, who has a long history of music creation, that is embedded through his love for The Rolling Stones. Danne Pettersson takes care of the lead vocals, harmonica and rhythm guitar. He comes from the Swedish folk music scene, but his matured into an energetic entertainer whose stage persona has become big and bold. The recordings of the songs capture that energy marvellously, able to extend the imagination of a real ‘live’ performance taking place right where the music is playing. Continue reading »