Mar 132017

For those who’ve not heard of French Deathcore outfit “Betraying the Martyrs”, “The Resilient” sets as a perfect album for their introduction. Although, this being the bands third album, which was released on 27th January 2017 under the record label of Sumerian Records, the band saw quite a few line-up changes with Eddie Czaicki (vocals), Antoine Salin (Drums) and Fabien Clévy (lead guitar) being replaced by Aaron Matts (lead vocals), Boris Le Gal (drums) and Lucas d’Angelo (lead guitar). For the sake of clarity Mark Mironov (Drums) worked on this album and said his goodbyes by the end of 2016. With the addition of newer folks, the sound generally takes a new direction, which it did with this album.

The Deathcore Genre needs no introduction and can easily pointed out for its odd time signatures, plenty of breakdowns, blast beats on the drums and the guttural growls. The band imbibes quite a few atmospheric elements and melodies in its song writing also giving a large chunk of vocal share to clean melodic vocals. Since its formation back in 2008, the band has released two full length albums “Breath in Life (2011)”, “Phantom (2014)” and a debut EP “The Hurt, The Divine, The Light”, a self-produced recording funded entirely by the band and mixed by Stephane Buriez. The band has toured extensively and played at the famous “Bonecrusher Tour”, “Sumerianos Tour” and “European Eclipse 2012” In 2012 and “Greenfield Festival”, “Ghosfest” and “Never Say Die!” in 2013. Continue reading »

Nov 302016

btm_2016_053French extreme metallers, Betraying The Martyrs, have announced the release of their third studio album, “The Resilient,” out on January 27th via Sumerian Records. Following their recent single ‘The Great Disillusion’, Betraying The Martyrs have unleashed a dark music video for the new single, ‘Lost For Words’, streaming below.

Says the band: ”We are extremely pleased and proud to announce the release date of our third full-length album, The Resilient, out January 27th on Sumerian Records. After over a year and a half of hard work, taking into consideration our strengths and our weaknesses, looking back on our success and more importantly our downfalls, we can honestly say that this is by far the best material we have written since the beginning of this incredible journey. Betraying The Martyrs has been taken to a whole new level, we couldn’t be more excited to share the result of everything we have lived since day one; we are back. Without further ado, we are pleased to present to you our new single and music video for ‘Lost For Words’. Continue reading »

Feb 122016

ATB_2016Minneapolis outfit After The Burial have released a new teaser for their forthcoming album, “Dig Deep,” out February 19th via Sumerian Records. Check it out below:

“When you think you don’t have anything left in you, you have to rely on that inner strength,” says guitar player Trent Hafdahl. “That’s where we are as a band. So many things beyond our control went wrong, but we started to dig deep as brothers.”

“We went through hell to finish this record, and the music translates that,” singer Anthony Notarmaso agrees. “Trent worked his ass off, and it shows. It’s crazy because I think it brought us closer as band. Justin wrote some riffs that ended up on the, but after a couple of days in the studio he left. He obviously wasn’t okay, and we wanted him to get well. I arrived a few days after the guys had gotten there. I never got to see him.” Notarmaso is referring to the untimely death of the band mate Justin Lowe in July. Continue reading »

Feb 052016

ATB_2016After The Burial just released a brand new song ‘Collapse’, the song appears on their upcoming new album “Dig Deep”, which will be out in stores February 19th through Sumerian Records.

You gotta After the Burial props for picking themselves up and dusting themselves off in a relatively short period of time: one of the band’s two guitar players, Justin Lowe, tragically passed away in July, and it’s barely slowed the band down one bit. In October, they released a new song, ‘Lost in the Static,’ and they completed a tour with The Faceless just last month. Continue reading »

I, The Breather – “Life Reaper”

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Dec 292014

Life Reaper (300)I, The Breather is a metalcore band from Baltimore, Maryland. After their first self-released EP “I, The Breather”, they signed to Sumerian Records where they released two other albums, “These Are My Sins: (2010) and “Truth and Purpose” (2012).

After a few lineup changes during the years where only Shawn Spann (vocals) remained as a founding member, they released another album this year, called: “Life Reaper”.  Let’s take a look, or listen, at it.

What I notice instantly is that they are not afraid to use electronical influences on this album. The first song ‘Setting:Sun’ is full of it but also of some heavy breakdowns and the typical chugging at the guitarstrings. Almost the same can be said for the next song ‘Soul:Seek’ , the big difference is that this song has a catchy chorus. Continue reading »