May 082019

The Brazilian Thrash/Groove metal band band Legacy Of Kain have released a new song ‘Split in Half’ feat. Fernanda Lira from the band Nervosa. The song appears on Legacy of Kain’s upcoming album“Paralelo XI” which will be released on May 16th. ‘Split in Half’ can be streamed below.

About the song, the band states:

“We fight for days when we never have to live this kind of atrocity again. Split In Half is a music based on real events that tells an episode of the story of the Cinta Larga tribe where a group of miners invaded one of their camps with the intention of killing them all and one of these assassins because there is no other name for it , in an episode of fury, captured an Indian and his small son, hung it upside down and split her in 2 parts with a machete. Unfortunately this is not fiction. We continue to fight for better days, with less prejudice, less intolerance, less discord, whether religious or political, less divisions and more peace, more love and more respect.” Continue reading »