May 092017

Soundmass (Australia) recently announced two upcoming Mortification vinyl releases:

“Post Momentary Affliction”

Continuing with our chronological release of Mortification albums on vinyl, Soundmass are happy to announce the upcoming LP release of their 1993 album “Post Momentary Affliction”. After the pounding death/grind of 1992’s “Scrolls of the Megilloth”, this album seems Mortification returning to their thrash roots, but with a refinement and creativity which would see this recording considered a classic. With the influences of Manowar and Iron Maiden on display, we’re treated to a feast of incredible thrash and speed metal that is laced with death metal. Complex songwriting, precise riffing, masterful bass playing, phenomenal drumming, intelligent lyrics delivered in a fresh death growl/thrash shout style, all captured with clear and clean production. Recognised by many critics as an innovative album, and arguably seeing this trio crafting songs at their artistic peak, “Post Momentary Affliction” is distinctly Mortification and showcases everything fans love about this band. Continue reading »

Dec 142015

grave_forsaken_2015_f12Soundmass is pleased to announce the release of the band’s 6th studio album, “The Fight Goes On”.

Formed in 2004, the relentless Grave Forsaken has pounded out another fine recording of thrash and heavy metal. Injecting the talent and fire of a couple of new musicians, the band have produced something fresh and exciting, while still showcasing the energy and power captured on previous albums like “Reap What You Sow” and “Fight To The Death”. Equal parts traditional metal and ripping thrash, with trademark solos and gang vocals added to the mix, this is the Grave Forsaken sound that their fans love.
Always moving forward, always shredding, from the band that never stops… “The Fight Goes On”
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Jul 112015

Terraphobia - Terrafication The Mort Years (2015) For those of you scratching your heads in puzzlement, Terraphobia is a Michael Jelinic project. He spent time in Mortification as their guitarist, but that is getting ahead of us. So let’s go back to 1985 when he formed an original heavy metal band called Lethal Dose. The band released several demos between 1985 & 1993, and after several line up changes and a natural progression to a heavier style of metal, changed the name to Terraphobia. Late 1993 saw the first Terraphobia release ‘Product of Your Mind’ EP. Due to musical differences the singer and bass guitarist left to form a grunge band, leaving behind guitarist Michael Jelinic and drummer Damien Percy.

The next releases, ‘Natural Born Killer’ (1996) and ‘An Eye For An Eye’ (1997) saw Jelinic taking over the vocals with both release’s written, performed and produced by Jelinic. By late 1998 bass guitarist Suzi Reid and drummer Joe Plozza had joined the band, and soon Terraphobia were playing regularly in and around Melbourne, with a highlight playing at the Melbourne Metal Festival in October 1999. Continue reading »

Apr 062015

Mick J 2014Soundmass is pleased to announce the release of the sixth Terraphobia album.

Going for something a bit different this time, Michael Jelinic has recorded a Mortification covers album. Having joined Mortification in 2002 and left his mark over 3 albums as one of the metal legends’ most gifted guitarists, Jelinic decided to re-record the 7 songs for which he wrote the music while in Mort. Titled “Terrafication – The Mort Years”, expect a feast of thrash/death metal swathed in the signature guitar playing that we all know and love from this talented musician, coupled with his intense and versatile vocal force. Jelinic also enlisted the help of the mid-era Mortification drummers who shared the stage with him- Mike Forsberg and Damien Percy – to perform on this Mort covers album, making it a reunion of sorts. Continue reading »

Oct 062014

Thy Bleeding Skies logoSoundmass is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Thy Bleeding Skies “Seconds Of Immortality”.

The 3rd album from this German band sees them push the limits of modern death metal. Using a foundation of melodic death metal, Thy Bleeding Skies blend in doom and rock ‘n’ roll influences and a touch of the old-school.  The metal never lets up, but the band have added some electronic parts and clean vocals to create their most diverse and exciting album yet. Continue reading »