Jul 252020

Skillet will release its deluxe edition project, “Victorious: The Aftermath”, on September 11. The band has just unveiled a pre-sale package that includes the album and Skillet‘s second graphic novel, “Eden II: The Aftermath”. Also available today is the instant-grat track ‘Terrify The Dark (Reimagined)‘ as well as its corresponding lyric video.

“Victorious: The Aftermath” will feature all twelve original tracks from “Victorious”, plus eight additional tracks, including two brand new unreleased songs, and five reimagined songs. Full track listing will be unveiled at later date.

“Eden II: The Aftermath” once again pairs Random Shock Studios with Skillet frontman John Cooper and his “Eden” artist Chris Hunt. Two editions will again be available; both the standard and a limited deluxe edition. Skillet‘s return to the post-apocalyptic world of “Eden”, as established in their 2019 graphic novel debut of the same name, is an exciting one for the band as well as their publisher, Z2 Comics, as the original book became their best-selling graphic novel of all time. According to Cooper“Aftermath” promises “more action, more surprises, more suspense.”

Skillets tenth studio album, “Victorious”, has been released last August via Atlantic.

Our review can be found here.

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Skillet – “Victorious”

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May 172020

There is no doubt that Skillet has a great formula that seems to work for them in terms of reaching the masses and thus their significance in the rock world plays an important role from a Christian perspective. I am not the biggest fan of their music but I certainly respect what they have been able to achieve within the industry. I hated their debut album and in fact I only really started giving them the benefit of the doubt at around Comatose which was released in 2009, which by then I could tolerate them and today their latest releases are something I can get by on. Their success in the Christian charts has been continuous for the past two decades and their ability to stride successfully between the secular and Christian music world is noteworthy. Victorious is their tenth album and though sounding at times similar to their previous release Unleashed I think overall it is a little more polished. Also think a little more emotional attention was given to it. However in some ways for me it comes off as a continuation of the last release, like a part 2, or disc 2 of a larger album release. Like they had all these songs and divided it over two releases. Again that said there is allot of emotional investment that seeps through by the band on this one that though similar to Unleashed does give it some distance as the songs have a more personal engagement.

The stylistic approach of Skillet is a working formula, and I guess don’t mess with what works for you, and their melodic catchy songs have caught the hearts of thousands. The songs are generally pick me up’s with anthem driven lyrics and kids and adults alike can sing along with relative ease, which works well with their mission based statement they represent.

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Skillet Launches ‘Save Me’ Video Game

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Apr 122020

Skillet has launched the ‘Save Me‘ video game, themed with the band’s latest active rock track and music video of the same name. In the game, each of the bandmembers (JohnKoreyJen and Seth) are characters fans can select and play as. Once a character is selected, the characters run through a maze where players are meant to avoid various aspects seen in the ‘Save Me‘ music video: the hand (callout to John‘s scene), water/poison (callout to Jen‘s scene), and fire (callout to John‘s scene/smoking hands burning his eyes), which will be floating around chasing them; similar to the ghosts in Pac Man.

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Apr 042020

Skillet‘s official music video for the song “Save Me” can be seen below. The track is taken from the band’s tenth full-length album, “Victorious”, which was released last August via Atlantic.

Skillet frontman John Cooper told Cryptic Rock: “‘Save Me’ was a song where I had written the chorus melody… I was thinking I could almost hear [Five FingerDeath Punch doing that chorus. Then I said, ‘I just think that this could really be a Skillet song.’ Instead of moving towards ultra-metal, it can move a little bit towards romantic and sad. Then when we started recording it and working on the parts, I was, like, you know what? It can be sad and metal at the same time. I literally thought, ‘If this was a Five Finger chorus, what would they do on the drums?’ I know it doesn’t sound like Five Finger — it sounds like Skillet — but for a musician, if they really picked apart the guitar and the drum parts and the chorus, you can hear that being a Death Punch chorus with his voice — if Ivan [Moody] was singing it. Some bands don’t like to admit stuff like that, but I do. I like to pay homage to bands that I love, because I don’t have much of an ego — I think it’s cool. So, I can hear Ivan sing it.

“I wanted to make the song kind of sad, because the lyric is very romantic, actually. It’s dark-sounding, but it’s about the fact that intimacy is really hard. We all want to be known and we all want to know someone in an intimate way, but what we’re not always prepared for is that intimacy hurts. The second verse lyrics — ‘Peel back the skin, exposed to you / Take pleasure in the pain’ — what that’s saying is that it’s really wonderful to be known, but it also hurts because we have a lot of ugly crap inside of us. It’s not always wonderful when somebody finds out how selfish of a person you can be, or what a jerk you can be in the mornings when you’re in a bad mood; the way you respond to someone you love when you’re exhausted and they find out how bad you are.

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Dec 212019

12-times-platinum rock band Skillet is closing out 2019 inside multiple Billboard decade-end and year-end charts with its latest hit record, “Victorious” (Atlantic), Top 10 Active Rock single ‘Legendary‘, as well as numerous past albums and tracks. Once again, they have also amassed one billion global streams over the past year alone.

As we close out a decade, Skillet appeared in both Billboard‘s Top Rock and Top Christian albums of the 2010s with its double-platinum album “Awake” as the 40th Top Rock Album, while gold-certified projects “Unleashed” and “Rise” landed in the top Christian list.

Billboard‘s 2019 year-end charts saw Skillet show up on multiple charts. For rock, “Legendary” made the Hot Rock Songs and Mainstream Rock Songs lists, with “Victorious” landing on both the Top Rock Albums and Top Hard Rock Albums charts. The Christian charts shared the Grammy-nominated band’s success on the Top Christian Albums Artist chart, Top Christian Artists and Top Christian Streaming Songs Artist charts. Likewise, “Victorious”“Awake” and “Unleashed” projects were all Top Christian Albums of 2019, with “Legendary” landing on both the Hot Christian Songs and Top Christian Digital Songs charts.

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