Nov 262014

Megadeth-2014Well, that was sudden. While Megadeth was supposedly recording a new album in 2015 to coincide with a tour next year, the four-piece are now a two piece, as guitarist Chris Broderick and drummer Shawn Drover left the band separately just hours apart. Drover, who was with Megadeth for the last decade, was the first to exit the band, releasing a statement stating he was pursuing his own music.

“After 10 years, I have decided to quit Megadeth to pursue my own musical interests. I want to thank Dave Mustaine and the entire Megadeth family, as well as thanking all the amazing Megadeth fans around the world!!! I truly appreciate all of you. Stay tuned for info on my next musical journey.”

Shortly after that, Broderick, who’s been with the band for seven years and three albums, announced his exit via a statement on his web site: Continue reading »

Jun 182013

SHAWN DROVEREvilG of recently conducted an interview with Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover. A few excerpts from the chat follow below. Tell us a bit about the writing process for [“Super Collider”] and what involvement you had.

Shawn Drover: We recorded “Super Collider” at our recording studio [Vic’s Garage] in California over the course of about three months or so. About 4-5 songs were pretty close to being written musically, while the others were created from musical ideas, etc. The tune “Built For War” was a song that I wrote most of the music for along with Chris [Broderick, guitar] and Dave [Mustaine, vocals/guitar]. All in all I have good memories creating this record. Continue reading »

Jul 242012

La Boite Noire conducted an interview with Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover at this year’s edition of the Hellfest festival, which took place June 15-17 in Clisson, France. You can now watch the chat below.

During a January 2012 interview with Legendary Rock InterviewsDrover was asked to recount the very unusual story of how he joined Megadeth. “It was 2004 and my brother Glen was in the band as their guitar player,” Shawn said. “They were in rehearsals for their tour and I was in contact with him every day and checking on him and stuff and seeing how things were going. The situation just came up where they didn’t want Nick [Menza, former drummer] in the band anymore, so I came home and my brother got hold of me and said, Continue reading »

‘Megadeth’ Drummer Says People ‘Stealing Music’ Has Affected Every Facet Of The Industry

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Oct 082011
Sergio Pereira of South Africa’s MusicReview recently conducted an interview with Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.MusicReview: It’s been stated that [Megadeth‘s new album] TH1RT3EN consists of new compositions and older material, which [Megadeth mainman] Dave [Mustaine] had written earlier in his career. My question is this: how do you guys know, or decide, when it’s time to revisit the older material?

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