Apr 172013

DC MillsVials of Wrath, the Christian-based black/ambient metal solo project of Dempsey “DC” Mills [picture], is set to release, for the first time, a full-album of material, titled “Seeking Refuge,” on April 23rd, 2013. DC is a former rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist for Bloodline Severed – a Christian deathcore band currently signed to Red Cord Records.

Conceived, melted down, and molded within the soul of a man after God’s own heart, “Seeking Refuge” is the quintessential underground production that is steeped in longing for a deeper purpose in life, and ultimately finding it in unabated communion with the King of all creation. Vials of Wrath is nothing shy of the pouring out of all that a man’s questions about existence and eternity conceptualize.  Continue reading »

Vials of Wrath – Seeking Refuge

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Apr 092013

VoW_coverAmbient black metal is not my favorite genre, plain and simple, but I find myself liking Seeking Refuge, the debut album and solo project of DC Mills (ex-Bloodline Severed).  For me, one hallmark of a good album is being able to listen to every song and also to be able to start at any point in the album and have the overall flow still work. Both of those characteristics are here.  Being able to pick those out was relatively simple for me as I received the entire album as one 36-minute track.  The listener is drawn into a story-like experience from the beginning sounds of cold wind blowing through the trees.  I am instantly transported to a cold, dark wintry wilderness frame of mind, and that overall feeling persists almost to the very end track where there is an underlying soundscape of insects at night.

Musically, the album starts out with some solemn sounding clean guitar somewhat ominous in tone like it is setting up the listener for something greater.  Atmospheric keyboards add to the effect nicely, and then following some cymbals acting like a signal, the black metal onslaught begins.  Continue reading »