Jan 152021

Following an earlier peek behind the scenes at the making of their latest record “Strangers”, Israel’s Scardust provides their fans with another glimpse behind the curtain via their latest clip, ‘Mist’. The video and song, which tell a complementary story to their recently released clip for ‘Break The Ice’, can be viewed below.

‘Mist’ is the closing song of “Strangers” and the parallel to ‘Break The Ice’, which opens the album”, explains vocalist Noa Gruman. “Now the protagonist has been through experiences that shaped her to become more confident in a way that is less dependent on others. Every relationship we have has a potential of experiences and memories that may or may not happen if the relationship continues. Even after many years, some sides of those we know best are still unfamiliar to us, so what might happen if we go and part ways?”

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Dec 122020

Progressive symphonic metal act Scardust to celebrate the launch of their acclaimed new concept album “Strangers”, the Israeli band Scardust – praised by Prog Magazine as “serious contenders in the symphonic/prog metal world” – hosted a live-stream release party on Facebook on Nov. 14. The event featured the first-ever live performances of several songs from the new record, as well as a Q&A with special guest musician Patty Gurdy, who appears on the album’s “Concrete Cages”. Archived video of that event is now available for free on-demand viewing below:

“2020 was a hell of a ride for Scardust!” says vocalist Noa Gruman. “Covid-19 tried to sabotage the recording of our album and the making of no less than six music videos (and more to come), but we managed to keep to our schedule even when we barely could meet up with each other. Countless fans told us they wished they could see us live on stage with the new songs, so on Nov. 14, we returned to Bardo Studios, where we recorded the drums and choirs for ‘Strangers,’ to play a live-stream show to celebrate the release of the new album. We’ve missed performing live so much, and it made us very happy to play live again and interact with our beloved audience. The thousands of people who joined the live stream that night made it double the thrill. This video is an unedited record of that wonderful event – technical glitches and all!”

An intriguing concept album built of complementary song pairs working from the outside in, “Strangers” is available now in stores and on digital music platforms such as Amazon, Apple Music, and Spotify. CD and limited-edition gray smoke vinyl editions of can also be ordered here.

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Dec 012020

Israeli progressive metal group, Scardust, have released a new music video for ‘Break The Ice’. The track is taken from their new album, “Strangers,” which was released on October 30 via M-Theory Audio. The video can be seen below.

Mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Devin Townsend, Arch Enemy), “Strangers” was written and composed jointly by singer Noa Gruman and composer Orr Didi, who also collaborated with Gruman on Scardust‘s full-length debut, “Sands Of Time,” and their 2015 EP “Shadow.” The album features guest appearances from German folk musician Patty Gurdy, as well as vocals by the Hellscore choir and England’s prestigious Westbrook Hay Prep School Chamber Choir.

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Oct 222020

Israeli progressive metallers Scardust have released a new music video for ‘Gone’. The track is taken from their new album “Strangers”, which will be released on October 30th, 2020 via M-Theory Audio.

“Today we dream together Hand in hand we gather Memories to pack when we go TOMORROW I’LL BE GONE”

Says vocalist Noa Gruman, “You have your own dreams and ambitions, and sometimes you may choose to achieve them by yourself. Gone is told by one who left. It shows the bitter sweet side of caring deeply about someone but having to leave them for your own personal needs. The song is fast, exciting, feels like a soundtrack to accompany a big adventure, and the choruses are repetitive and catchy.”

“In the video we see the band playing together by a concrete wall representing today. They are surrounded by paint cans lying on the ground. Suddenly, the video takes a sharp turn and the musicians appear each in their own unique location by the sea, in a bright colorful dream-like scene representing tomorrow. Then back to playing together by the concrete wall, and so on alternately, until we get to the instrumental section. From there it becomes a big explosion of color smears and splashes, alongside musicians playing in a dark closed scene, then back to the sea, back to the concrete, and ending in a beautiful sea painting… on the concrete.”

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Oct 212020

An intriguing concept album built of complementary song pairs working from the outside in, “Strangers” – set to be released on October 30 by M-Theory Audio – is the newest effort from Israeli progressive/symphonic metal band, Scardust.

On Sunday, November 1st at 7:00pm UTC+01, Scardust will hold a live album release party via Facebook. It will include a Q&A session with the fans and a live performance. Go to this location for event details.

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