Nov 282019

Following the synthpop stylings of ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ and the post-punk spirit of ‘Everywhere You Go,’ Scandroid turns to the chill side with a beautiful low-key creation on his latest single, ‘I Remember You.’ Powered by heartfelt lyrics, Klayton uses gorgeously solemn synth tones to build an introspective environment around his vocal performance, reaching out to listeners with an intimate, semi-whispered singing style.

‘I Remember You’ provides a careful piece of balance to Scandroid’s upcoming fourth album, “The Light,” and is available now as an instant-grat download for fans who purchase the full album. “The Light” marks the highly-anticipated follow-up to last year’s “The Darkness,” and includes seven original Scandroid tracks along with remixes from some of the biggest names in synthwave. The full album will be available in December through independent synthwave label FiXT Neon.

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Nov 182019

Known for his futuristic synthscapes and elaborate electronic compositions, Scandroid reveals a different side to his retro roots on the energetic, post-punk style offering, ‘Everywhere You Go.’ Marked by a crisp rock rhythm and a driving bass line, the song is one of the most immediate and no-frills creations in Scandroid’s entire discography. ‘Everywhere You Go‘ is available to stream on all major platforms today, and the song is an instant-grat download for fans who pre-order the artist’s upcoming new album, “The Light.”

‘Everywhere You Go’ follows the synthpop sounds of the recent single ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ and displays Scandroid’s ability to pull from diverse ‘80s genres and blend them into a remarkable form of retro-futuristic music. The full release of “The Light” is scheduled for December 2019 from independent synthwave label FiXT Neon.

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Nov 092019

For those waiting to hear Scandroid’s highly-anticipated follow-up to last year’s “The Darkness”, the time has come: the artist’s brand new album, “The Light”, is now available for pre-order through independent synthwave label FiXT Neon! “The Light” features a hefty selection of all-original music alongside remixes from some of the most well-regarded names in synthwave, including Lucy in Disguise, Fury Weekend, Tommy ‘86, PRIZM, and Turboslash.

To kick things off, those who pre-order The Light will receive synthwave sensation PRIZM’s remix of ‘Writing’s On The Wall’ as an instant-grat track. The song takes the synthpop flavor of the original and pulls it out into a five-and-a-half minute opus filled with surprising compositional twists and a stunning duet-style approach as Danni and Kris alternate the vocal lead with Klayton. The result is no simple remix, but a full re-imagining of a modern synthwave classic that complements and stands beside the original as its own must-hear track.

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Nov 202018

The highly anticipated follow-up to Scandroid’s first two albums is here! “The Darkness” is Scandroid like you’ve never heard him before, as the artist unleashes his dark side across six brand new tracks. Never content to rest on what he’s already accomplished, Klayton, the mastermind behind the project, has driven his music into uncharted territory on The Darkness and given every song its own distinctive identity. From the old school heavy metal riffs of ‘Phoenix’ to the ominous cybersynth tone of ‘Red Planet’ and ‘Out of the Darkness,’ each entry will pull you deeper into Scandroid’s darkly cybernetic world.

In addition to the six original tracks, Scandroid has packed The Darkness with electrifying remixes from some of the most talented and innovative artists in and around synthwave today. Even better, this new release is just the start of Scandroid’s latest creative opus, The Darkness and The Light. Fans will be able to immerse themselves in the second half, The Light, in 2019, with a complete full-length release to follow.

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Sep 082018

Scandroid, the modern Synthwave project from Detroit based artist/producer Klayton, best known for his multi-genre project Celldweller/Circle of Dust will release a new single ‘Phoenix’ on Sept. 18th.

“Phoenix” was born for cloudless days careening down an open highway in a rented T-top — come on, you’re not going to abuse your own car, are you? Punch it! – Loudwire

Scandroid’s signature style collides with old school metal on “Phoenix,” a blazing piece of guitar-driven music that rocks the foundation of the artist’s discography. This is Scandroid through and through, but not like you’ve heard him before, as crunchy riffs and soaring guitar solos deliver a high-octane listening experience. With its blend of ‘80s heavy metal and cyberpunk-infused synthwave, “Phoenix” is one more example of Scandroid’s versatile songwriting ability. Continue reading »