Mar 192018

Sabrina Todt front-woman of Symphonic Metal Band Silent Saga checked in with the following:

Today is the day! Our first full length physical album was officially released! It’s already available on the Silent Saga Store! In a few days it will also be available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Spotify!

It features 10 songs (from the previews EPs) and a gorgeous booklet with all the lyrics, credits and technical info. And once again I want to thank you for all your support! You rock!

PS: Here’s a top secret info about this CD: there are just 450 copies available, and we really don’t know yet if we’re gonna do more in the future, so, if you really like our work and haven’t gotten your copy yet, hurry up! 😉 Continue reading »

Sep 232017

Symphonic Metal Band Silent Saga recently released ‘New Horizons’ a brand new song. which appears on their upcoming EP. It has a strong dynamic and powerful lyrics with a catchy chorus.

Sabrina Todt will tell you what was in her mind when she wrote it.

“The main topic came from some Sci Fi movie that I saw (probably), which may sound a little weird, but what’s important is what is behind of it… as always right?! So here it is, check it out what my crazy mind was thinking when I wrote that:

“When I wrote this lyric my Sci Fi mode was on…

“The main character wakes in a pod in outer space and all he can think about is that he is an unfortunate man that will miss all the things he had done in life while he was on earth, because every little thing that he does in this pod must be very precise or he can die. Therefore, recklessness is not more a word in his dictionary, if you know what I mean. Continue reading »