May 062020

Roxx has done it again! We are super stoked to be bringing you the second album from Michael! Wait are you saying ‘What are you talking about Bill and Scott, there was no second album from Michael after “The Battle Rages On?” Well guess what? There Was!

This album has NEVER and we repeat NEVER been released before in ANY format whatsoever! So you are hearing this song as a WORLD PREMIER as no one has EVER heard this album before! Check out this brand new track from Michael entitled ‘Lost At The Cross’ below.

Now check out the story behind this Long Lost and NEVER before released album in the words of Shane Freeman of Michael!

“Shortly after the release of ‘The Battle Rages On’ life happened for Michael. Drummer Dennis Raymond left the band to focus on his family and was replaced by former Stutz drummer Vaughn Zajicek. Shortly after, keyboardist Todd Waites was forced to leave as his job moved out of state. Finding a replacement seemed futile so the band decided to move forward as a power trio.

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Apr 062020

After quite a long hiatus, XL&DBD are back with The Beginning of Closure, their first album since their debut in 1993, keeping the same sound as they had back in the 90’s.

Early into The Beginning of Closure I found myself wondering if I’d entered a time warp taking me back to the early 90s’.  Everything about this album seems like it should be the follow up to their debut album Sodom and America, but that came out in 1993.  The general sound of the band is that of one that would have been popular in Christian bookstores in the early 90’s alongside, Pillar, Pax217, .rodlaver, East West, and other bands of that rap-rock-core sound.  While production is clean, it does lack a bit of punch that might have saved these tracks a bit and led them to sound a bit less dated.  The lyrics in “Go Away” are so over the top cheesy, one has to wonder if this is a parody of Christian metal in the late 80’s – early 90’s.

…”and all the way from your head to your toes, you’re looking like Bathsheba, but keep on your clothes…so please take your hands off my pecs…ain’t gonna be no sex”.

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Mar 282020

Christian Thrash at its ultimate best is what you get here! The 3 track demo that started it all for one of the best new Christian thrash bands around, Ritual Servant! This is a very cool one time and one time only limited edition CD pressing of the very first 3 track demo as recorded by Ritual Servant.

Released only in digital format on April 30th 2016, this demo turns 3 years old on that day and in celebration we will release this special CD pressing on that day and only limited to 250 copies never to be pressed again! These 3 tracks were so special we felt the need to make a physical product to offer to the fans and collectors out there.

Check out the demo version of ‘Seven Trumpets’ below:

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Feb 132020

Roxx Records is extremely excited to announce the signing and releasing of the brand new album from Christian rap metal pioneer XL and Death Before Dishonor entitled “The Beginning of Closure”.

XL a.k.a. Todd Stevens started in the Christian music industry in the early 90s, playing guitar, bass, and drum tracks for some of the best West Coast Christian hip-hop artists. He was on the Dynamic Twins albums, SFC albums, and he helped produce demos for the Gospel Gangstas, and T-bone. He appeared on the sophomore release from Frontline Records recording artist Apocalypse. He has toured extensively with the Crucified, DC Talk, the Newsboys, Mortal, Applehead, Soldiers For Christ, and 12th Tribe. In addition, even sharing the stage with Bob Carlisle of Allies, Bryan Duncan, and Crystal Lewis. He has also been in the studio with Oz Fox of Stryper playing and recording on a song for Chuckie Perez, an Arcade Records artist.

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Feb 072020

Roxx Records is excited to bring you another excellent project featuring the talents of none other than the very busy front man Dale Thompson (Bride, No Other God, Perpetual Paranoia and more) along with another very busy guitar slinger Tiago James de Souza (Hand of Fire, Perpetual Paranoia) and rounding out this project is founder Garret Thomas to complete this amazing new project.

The Thomas Thompson Earth Project is a combination of Garret Thomas, Dale Thompson (Bride, The World Will Burn, No Other God, Perceptual Paranoia) and Tiago James de Souza (Perpetual Paranoia. Hand of Fire and Godman)

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