Mar 052018

Roxx Records has released a taste of old-school thrash from Join the Dead, a lone track from an album that never happened and a couple of Deliverance cover tracks featuring Michael Phillips on guitars/vocals with Jim Chaffin on drums and Scott Waters on vocals.

Bay Area thrash band Join the Dead was one of the early Christian thrash pioneers and featured Michael Phillips who was in the band Deliverance for their Stay of Execution album and was with The Sacrificed for their album III , which was released by Roxx and Century Records  and received a good bit of critical acclaim.

Before Join the Dead finally disbanded, they did record one last track, “Walking in Darkness” which was to go on their next album, an album that never happened.  The band donated the track to Metal Pulse radio for use in a tribute to Dale Huffman, but otherwise it hasn’t been released until now.  On this ep, it’s combined with two Deliverance cover tracks, one from a Michael Phillips solo album Mirrors Within Mirrors, and the other unreleased until now. Continue reading »

Mar 042018

No Life Til Metal Records is very excited to be bringing you our debut stand-alone release by way of California’s very own Primal. The album wil be released on March 16, 2018.

Primal features many very talented musicians from all across the metal scene hailing from the likes of V8, Logos, Hirax, Deathriders, and Bloodlust to name a few. These talented musicians joined forces to produce an overwhelming and powerful sound which is featured here on the debut self-titled album. Continue reading »

D.O.G. (Disciples of God) – “Unleashed”

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Feb 222018

D.O.G.’s “Unleashed” is a caffeine kick. Slumped over my keyboard, I picked “No One Rides for Free” and instantly perked up. The production on the first track is crisp and punchy, and the message is clear: “Repent while you still got the time – Christ can save your life.” D.O.G make no bones about salvation; it cost sacrifice and you too will be called to take tough decisions. Remember the rich young man (Mark 10:17-31)?

I admire Terry Russell’s ability to both sing and play the drums – I can’t even begin to think how one is able to drum a different rhythm with each appendage, as well as sing all at the same time.

If I drove a convertible, I’d put the top down and crank “Seeking Your Face”. The guitars are meaty, and the bass booming. There’s plenty guitar solo action here too. When you listen to the album, I think you’ll agree that it sounds fat. To my ears, it’s like the drums are tight yet spread wide across the stereo spectrum (listen to “Pay the Piper” and you’ll know what I mean). Listen out for the catchy sing along chorus in this song: “Time to pay the piper / Time to pay the price / Time to slay the viper / Time to pay the piper”, which I bet is going to stick in your mind. Continue reading »

Feb 182018

The recordings of Crushing The Deceiver‘s debut album are almost complete and an official release date is scheduled. May 4th of this year Roxx Records will unleash the debut album! Stay tuned for full release details in the next few weeks!

Crushing The Deceiver will play its first ever live show  this summer at the Sacrivox Music Fest. (formerly SoCal Metal Fest)

Frontman Grant Mohler says: I’m so excited to get to make this announcement. My band Crushing The Deceiver will be making our first live appearance July 28th in Downy, Ca. At the Sacrivox Music Fest (formerly SoCal Metal Fest). We hope to see you all there. We can’t wait to thrash it up with all of you and get to share the message of the gospel! Stay tuned as more bands are announced and other info becomes available. – Check out the promo below. Continue reading »

Deliverance – “The Subversive Kind”

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Feb 112018

Deliverance returns with a thrashy vengeance and not only their first new album in almost five years but also a reunion of Glenn Rogers and Jimmy P. Brown for the first time since their debut 1989 album.

Deliverance is a name well-known within the Christian metal community.  Dating back to 1985, the band has released 11 albums and been on a host of other compilations.  Many first became familiar with Deliverance with their 1990 release Weapons of Our Warfare with the title track gaining airplay on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball , and the album selling over 100,000 copies, leading many to label it the Master of Puppets for Christian metal.  As often happens, lineups changes and by the fourth album in 1992, Stay of Execution, the band had their second guitarist change and Jimmy P.  Brown took the band in a more progressive direction, tired of being known as the Christian Metallica clones.  Changes in sound would continue with the band shifting to industrial for Assimilation in 2000 and then taking another hiatus before releasing As Above, So Below in 2007, which was followed by yet another hiatus until 2010.  In 2011, the band announced they would play a final show later that year, but as before, situations changed and the band reformed with George Ochoa on guitars, former drummer Jim Chaffin, and bassist Victor Macias to play Exodo Fest in Mexico with Grave Robber and Silent Planet.  2017 saw the re-release of their 1989 debut and Weapons of Our Warfare and the return of original guitarist Glenn Rodgers. Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, The Subversive Kind was recorded and features performances from Victor Macias (Tourniquet) on bass, Greg Minier on guitars and Jim Chaffin on drums.  The album was produced by Jimmy P. Brown and Jim Chaffin and was recorded and mixed at 3 Frogz Studios and Valhalla Studio with mastering by Rob Colwell at Bombworks Sound. Continue reading »