Crushing The Deceiver – “Self-titled”

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Apr 132018

“Listen close. There’s a war going on for your soul right now.” My response: “Dude, I’m all ears.” I soak up the sounds of war issuing from my headphones and prepare for the impending confrontation. Johnny’s opening riff takes centre stage, and it’s a goodie. A shell explodes and the drums carry me into the fray. Pretty exciting, huh? And that’s only the beginning!

Crushing The Deceiver are a thrash metal band from Clovis, California. They launch their debut on 4 May, and will join heavyweight metallers Deliverance at the Sacrivox Music Festival in July. If the album is anything to go by, it’s going to be a blistering show! I mean, check out “The Light Inside Me”. It’s like someone’s pulling back on a slingshot and letting go, the momentum carrying Grant ever forward: “You are the passion inside me, The motivation that drives me…” Grant’s growl compliments the overall sound, and on this track the band varies its pace between soulful unblack lament and soaring stomp.

The link to the battlefield is reestablished in “Guide the way to You”. Ryan’s bass pushes forward, while the guitar and vocal rhythms echo one another. While they are adept at delivering riffs and beats at speed, Crushing The Deceiver also experiments with tempo to great effect. The changing intensity keeps me focused on the message. Continue reading »

Apr 052018

Brazil’s Sunroad have released a video for the track ‘In The Sand’. The song comes off the group’s seventh studio album “Wing Seven,” which was released via Roxx Records on April 14, 2017.

Sunroad  started out in 1996 and have been playing their brand of melodic hard rock now for over 20 years, with six previous albums, a best of collection and live DVD under their belt these guys show no sign of slowing down.

Having just finished recording their seventh studio album entitled “Wing Seven” the band is ready to get back at it, playing shows, maybe hooking up as part of a tour and just play their music to the people wherever they can go. Continue reading »

Apr 022018

Roxx Records & No Life Til Metal Records are very excited to be bringing you our debut stand-alone release by way of California’s very own Primal. The album is released last month (March 16). The video can be seen below.

Primal features many very talented musicians from all across the metal scene hailing from the likes of V8, Logos, Hirax, Deathriders, and Bloodlust to name a few. These talented musicians joined forces to produce an overwhelming and powerful sound which is featured here on the debut self-titled album. Continue reading »

Mar 282018

‘An Angel’s Armor’ appears on Crushing The Deceiver‘s debut album that will finally be released on May 4th via Roxx Records. The lyric video can be watched below.

Crushing The Deceiver will play its first ever live show  this summer at the Sacrivox Music Fest. (formerly SoCal Metal Fest)

Frontman Grant Mohler says: I’m so excited to get to make this announcement. My band Crushing The Deceiver will be making our first live appearance July 28th in Downy, Ca. At the Sacrivox Music Fest (formerly SoCal Metal Fest). We hope to see you all there. We can’t wait to thrash it up with all of you and get to share the message of the gospel! Stay tuned as more bands are announced and other info becomes available. – Check out the promo below. Continue reading »

Mar 262018

Angelic Force – “Soldiers Of The Cross” will be released on May 4th via Roxx Records. Check out the official album teaser below.

Press releases are supposed to be a real ‘formal’ type thing but you know what we are an indie label and this label is based on releasing things that rock and rock hard. But also our releases have meaning and speak to us, and hopefully to you, as that is our ultimate goal! The past couple of years we have been able to put out a lot of very personal releases that we have absolutely loved being a part of! We already brought you Fear Not, Malachia and are close to fully announcing a very special Soldier release (Stay Tuned). All of these releases were very close and personal to us and ones that took us much work and persuasion to get them back out to you! Why am I sharing this with you? Because the next release is another one of those very special releases that we have wanted to put out for years and finally were able to secure. So here it goes….

Roxx Records is very happy to be announcing a very limited CD only pressing of another long lost Christian Metal GEM! Please welcome to the Roxx Records fold ANGELIC FORCE (not to be confused with Angelic Forces from Holland) featuring Stacy Carrera (Blue IV) and Robert Gutierrez (Ultimatum). That’s right straight up power metal from this New Mexico based Christian Metal band (pre Ultimatum). This project has NEVER been available on CD and is going to be limited to a one time pressing of only 300 copies. Continue reading »