Nov 262020

Roxx Records is very thankful for you, especially at this time of year when we look back and give thanks to those around us. We are thankful we have been able to keep brining you some of the best Christian music being released today, and thankful for all the artists that work with us and allow us to help share their music and message to the world.

Well today on Thanksgiving day, we are so very excited to announce as we continue on in to the new year and to see what it brings, that we will once again be working with one of the best Christian Melodic Rock bands out there. We are very excited to announce that we will be releasing the brand new album from Fear Not in 2021, and we cant wait for you to hear what the band has been working on, it is sounding amazing.

For now, we reflect back on the most recently released EP “For The Wounded Heart” (review) and share with you this previously unreleased version of ‘Carry Me’ with this very special Orchestral Mix dedicated to the memory of Sean Miller and available digitally everywhere.

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Nov 142020

This year we have a really cool Christmas CD for everyone that participates in our year end sale. This year we take you on a long Winter’s Journey through this past year and end by taking you in to the new year. On this limited edition disc you get two new exclusive Christmas tunes, 4 new tracks from Roxx Records, 4 new tracks from No Life Til Metal Records, 3 new tracks from artists over at Christian Metal Distro AND it ends with three brand spankin new previously unreleased tracks to get you ready for 2021!

First up the lead off Christmas track is a brand new tune from Roxx Records recording artist AfterWinter called ‘Under Fire’ don’t let that title fool you, this is a straight up Christmas tune in the vein of classic Trans Siberian Orchestra. We are excited to be able to share with you the brand new Lux Video production of ‘Under Fire’ just in time for the Christmas holiday!

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Nov 052020

On our eternal quest to bring you some of the best, the loudest and the boldest in Christian rock and metal to the frontlines Roxx Records is very excited to announce that they have made their way in to Canada for this one. Please join us in welcoming Riveting Truth to the Roxx Records line up.

Riveting Truth is a Christian Metal band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Featuring members Dave Bentley out front (Vocals/Guitars) and Andrew Rudd (Bass Guitars) completing the line-up for Riveting Truth.

The two have played music together since the early ‘90’s and released a nine song independent album with the band “Legacy” in 1996. “Legacy” played throughout southern Ontario and surrounding areas for several years opening for established bands such as Whitecross before taking a hiatus to pursue different career paths.

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Michael – “Michael II”

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Oct 312020

Hard rock fans may already be familiar with the name, Michael. Hailing from South Amherst, Ohio, Shane Freeman, Todd Waites, Mike Slone and Dennis Raymond released their debut album, “The Battle Rages On” in 1995. With the support of Roxx Records, this cassette-only release was mastered to CD in 2019. While work on “Michael II” began shortly after the release of “The Battle Rages On”, personal setbacks meant a sophomore release was in the balance – until earlier this year. On 29 May Roxx Records proudly released “Michael II”, a testament to the tenacity of its then two remaining band members, Shane Freeman (guitar, vocals) and Vaughn Zajicek (drums, programming).

When Michael started tracking this album, the power trio of Freeman, Zajicek and Slone (bass guitar) remained. With their focus more squarely on guitar-driven rock, they created such gems as “Lost At The Cross”, “You Need Some Faith” and “We Got A Prayer”. When Slone had to leave because of ill health, the two remaining members agreed to finish the album before going their separate ways.

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Oct 242020

In spite of a lackluster 2020 for our world in general, Roxx Records had made a conscience decision to keep the music coming throughout this year. In reality with the world in such a state we need some positivity in this world, as such, one way we have done this is to partner up with Dale Thompson and bring you quite a few new releases this year. We have already brought you 5 new releases featuring Dale out front giving us some most excellent new music. Roxx Records has already released two albums from The Thomas Thompson Earth Project, Swingle and Thompson Ordained, We Are Resolute and let’s not forget the tail end of 2019 when we delivered No Other God to the masses. Also over at Christian Metal Distro we have become the official distributor for the classic releases from Dabster Gentlemen , Haunted No More and The World Will Burn! And we are not done yet!

Dale Thompson has now officially been dubbed ‘The hardest workin’ man in Christian Metal’! The latest release featuring Dale Thompson out front is the brand new release from Dominus Meus entitled “DM1 Revocalized.” Dominus Meus is the killer new metal project from John Evans (Evans and Stokes) The title “DM1 Revocalized” is aptly titled as such because John had already completed the album, when he heard out in the Christian Metal community that Dale was offering his services as a gun for hire. John thought and prayed about it and decided it would be really cool to hear Dale put his vocals on this project, and the rest is history!

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