Sep 172020

As we start preparing for the new release entitled “Rise of the Phoenix” we are excited to world premier the debut single and lyric video. now for a few words from Chaz Bond lead singer for BioGenesis.

Hello Bio faithful! It has been a crazy year of major changes for us since the release of the Black Widow EP. I am excited to finally unleash the first single from our upcoming album “Rise Of The Phoenix”. This will be a concept album based on the true events surrounding Jim Jones and The Peoples Temple. However it is not simply a saga of thought reform and tragedy but rather, it is an important story about how one character overcomes and ultimately rises above all that he suffered through. With his faith as his rod and staff he was able to not only survive, but to march forward living a great life while warning others of the dangers of Cult leaders like Jones.

The song you will hear today is from the 3rd chapter. It is called ‘Within These Walls’. Please note that the moments when Jones speaks ,these are not his actual quotes but rather my artistic interpretations of his known actions.

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Sep 142020

True Strength is honored to announce that their fourth full-length studio album, “The Mighty Hand of Yahweh,” will be released on *October 30th, 2020 in both CD and digital format through Roxx Records! Stay tuned to Roxx Records for more information about the release details in the months to come!

This is a theme-album based entirely on the Old Testament Book of Joshua. The events of the book are covered from beginning to end, as faithful to Scripture as possible. The lyrics for each song derive from actual scripture in the Book of Joshua!

The Mighty Hand of Yahweh track listing:

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Sep 082020

Here at Roxx Records we love bringing back those long lost Christian rock and metal releases that may have been lost in to obscurity. While some prove to be a little more controversial then others, we still want to represent and properly archive those artists that helped with a historic movement in the Christian music world.

Well this next one proved to be very controversial at the time, so much so it was banned from many Christian bookstores, and that would probably still hold true today. None the less we are very happy to be a part of releasing the long out of print and very scarce release from Southern California’s very own… EIGHTBALL CHOLOS with their one and only full length release entitled “Satan’s Whore”.

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Roxx Records Summer 2020 Sampler

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Aug 092020

Roxx Records 2020 Sampler heading your way this Summer!

That’s right we are very excited to push this one out to the world! This amazing new sampler features tons of new music from some of our artists and even some classic reissues celebrating some amazing reissues we have done or will be doing this year! Maybe even a sneak peek or two of what’s to come!

This brand new sampler is being sent out digitally to all of our radio and media partners in an effort to help get some exposure and some airplay on all the cool things we are working on.

In addition we will be pressing a limited cd version that we will also be mailing to some media partners, offering a few on the site, and even giving some away! That’s right throughout the remainder of the Summer we will be adding copies to all new orders placed that purchase a Roxx Records title while supplies last! (Purchases over $20 including shipping)

Check out this killer track listing featuring 7 Old and 7 New and Ritual Servant at track number 7!

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May 122020

Parts of this review’s contents comes out of a conversation I had with Dale Thompson through Facebook messenger on the 5th of May 2020 where I put forward a couple of questions to him regarding the release. Therefore it’s a longer review than I would generally write for an album.

There are certain things in life I will admit that get me quite excited, one being the acquisition of new music; or the sound of an awesomely tuned American V8 muscle car. This excitement includes the opportunity to review another project of which Dale Thompson has been involved with. Therefore it will as no surprise to the reader that I am a huge fan of Dale’s vocals and regard him as one of metal music’s top vocalists, and certainly one of music’s more stylistically original vocalists in the industry. Also if you look beyond his contributions to Bride you will discover his not afraid to explore new ground in music. Sure those projects might not be everyone’s cup of coffee but nevertheless each project on their own deserves a level of respect and highlights the versatility and depth of Dale’s creativeness as a well rounded musician. So as I said I was a little fan giddy when receiving the latest project to pass through his hands, but however this does not mean this project gets off lightly at all. In fact it means I really dial in deep to give you the reader the most honest and down the line review I can because of my musical expectations of the man and the individuals that are involved alongside him on this project.

The new projects is called The Thomas Thompson Earth Project and the debut album from this talented group of musicians under review is entitled, ’Dreamland Lovecraft’. Since Garret Thomas is the music writer and composer, mixing engineer and mastering engineer on this project, and that Dale’s grandfather was Thomas Thompson, Dale felt it would be fitting to use Garret’s last name and his grandfather’s name in combination with Thompson.

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