May 312019

Today Friday May 31, 2019 the brand new limited edition book and CD from Heathen’s Rage are released around the world. As is the brand new third release from Austria’s very own Veil of Deception !

Limited Edition Book: Heathen’s Rage – Rage Days an Illustrated History the 40 page full color book filled with new stories from the members and tons of previously unreleased photos and memorabilia!

Limited Edition CD: Heathen’s Rage ‘Live At Switlik’ previously unreleased live show from the very early days of Heathen’s Rage a classic soundboard recording that has been remastered and released here for the very first time!

Veil of Deception CD: Austria’s very own Veil of Deception release their third album entitled “Dissident Voices” a new wave of heavy metal with that classic metal appeal. Continue reading »

May 132019

The brand new debut Roxx Records release from Ritual Servant has been getting rave reviews on the thrash scene. The first single has spiked up the Christian Music Weekly Loud charts all the way to number 4 so far!

Hot on the heels of the success thus far we are very excited to launch the second single and lyric video for the new track ‘Amongst The Wolves’ The video can be watched below.

Ritual Servant‘s debut album “Metallum Evangelii” is released on March 29.

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May 012019

Roxx Records is very excited to announce the release details on two classic Christian Metal titles that had been eluding us for years! Lets start by thrashing it up a little with a very cool first time EVER released CD collection from Red Ink!

That’s right we are happy to announce that one of the Lone Star States best classic Christian metal bands Red Ink has signed up with Roxx to release both of their classic demo tapes entitled “Raw Meat” (1989) and “Brutal Recompense” (1992). We are happy to be celebrating the 30th anniversary of that very first classic demo tape with the band!

While looking for bonus tracks we learned the band had only ever recorded these two full length demos! BUT Jorge and Ash would go on to record two songs with their next project called Mindkor that were originally written to be included in the third release from Red Ink that sadly never came to be. We are excited to be able to include those two bonus tracks entitled ‘Apostacy’ and ‘Temples of Ignorance’ on here to complete the whole Red Ink catalog. Continue reading »

Mar 262019

On the heels of their re-mastered, re-issued debut album, Fear Not are back with a new vocalist and solid hard rock ep chock full of stadium rock choruses, blazing guitar solos and deep, soulful vocals that will remind a lot of listeners of the late 80’s hard rock/metal scene.

Fear Not trace their origins back to 1991 and originally were known by a different name, Love Life, under which they released an album on a label that wasn’t sure how to actually promote them.  Enter in a new guitarist not long after and the band turned heavier and changed their name to Fear Not and then signed to a new label, Pakaderm which released the debut from Fear Not, sometime around 1993.  In 2017 Roxx re-mastered and re-issued the debut.

Whenever older Christian rock bands reunite, I’m often left thinking that these are the bands I wish I would have heard back in those days, but at least we have them now.  I’ve moved on a bit toward the extreme side of things as I’ve aged, but For the Wounded Heart is a solid ep, if a bit toward the nostalgic side of things.  Opening track “Don’t Want None” is in the perfect spot to introduce a new audience to Fear Not.  Drum line, joined by a dirty riff and then the rest of the band comes in until the verse starts and the guitars go clean.  Continue reading »

Mar 192019

Brazilian hard rockers Sunroad are back with their 8th full length studio album. Roxx Records are excited to be bringing you the US pressing of the latest offering from Brazil’s premiere hard rock band.

“Heat Strokes” is the latest offering from Sunroad and this one picks up right where this band left off and shows the progression and experience of these artists that make up Sunroad.

We [Roxx] got 10 brand new tunes coming your way with the kick off single ‘Empty Stage’ so get ready to rock as we bring you the new album from Sunroad. Continue reading »