Motivik – “Death of the Gunman”

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Feb 192021

Motivik take the listener on a musical journey of sorts in their self-described melodic thrash debut Death of the Gunman.

Death of the Gunman certainly takes you on a musical journey. “Inception” starts off the album and brings mostly old-school thrash like you’d hear from bands like Tourniquet or Vengeance Rising, at least for the first three minutes of the song when it inexplicably turns into a melodic instrumental only the abruptly shift back into a thrash-heavy guitar solo sounding like something off Metallica’s Kill Em All. Throw in some vocals that sound like melodic ones from bands like Volbeat and I’m very confused after just one track.

“Away” starts out thrashy enough but vocals completely change everything and I presume this is Courtney Simmons taking over only to have the smoother vocals come in for the chorus section. This works very well as odd as it sounds when you read the description. There are definitely some interesting choices going on with the mix as well as the bass comes through prominently in some parts offsetting the guitar solo. Then things shift again with the string section opening “Lament” and the background sounds giving the feel of this song being something from an American Western. Really not sure how that fits musically but it does with the album cover and title….

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Dec 312020

‘Apocalypse Prepare’ is from Thresher‘s 1989 release “Totally Possessed”. Roxx Records is pleased to be releasing the 2021 newly remastered reissue of this epic album! More details in the video message from Roxx Records below..

The lyric video for ‘Apocalypse Prepare’ can be seen below.

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Riveting Truth – “Riveting Truth” Ep

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Dec 042020

It is synonymous with Roxx Records that some great metal has come from their stable over the years with some bold Christian metal music.

In Short Riveting Truth is a Christian Metal band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Featuring members, Dave Bentley out front (Vocals/Guitars), and Andrew Rudd (Bass Guitars). In 2017 Andrew and Dave created a new musical project by drawing from their musical influences of melodic groove heavy metal and Riveting Truth was born.

The doubled-edged concept of the band name is that Jesus Christ is the riveting truth (John 14:6) that can fasten the gospel to our heart, soul and mind.

So here is their anticipated release which is a 4 song Ep that features guest solos from two of Christian metals most legendary guitar players Dennis Cameron (Angelica) and Rex Carroll (Whitecross).

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Dec 012020

Well we made it to the end of the year, and what a crazy year it has been.  Aside from all the craziness, Roxx Records still kept the music coming with almost 40 new releases this year. Many of which have been brand new artists and brand new music. And we are not quite done yet….

Roxx Records is excited to announce our last full release for 2020 the brand new release from Atlanta’s very own Motivik. How do you say Motivik? (MOE-TEE-VICK) what does Motivik mean? Motivik is derived from the word Motive. And what is the Motive of Motivik? To rock you hard with a message of hope and encouragement for a lost generation.

Motivik features Ryan Roebuck handling the music and vocals and Courtney Simmons on vocals. That’s right dual vocalists, modeled in a way much like Gary Lenaire and Guy Ritter from Tourniquet except they pretty evenly share the vocal duties. If you ask Motivik what there sound is like or what their style is they would say they are ‘Melodic Groove Thrash’. A little more on the thrashy side if you ask us, especially when you listen to the bands cover song from Sacrament ‘Souls in Torment’ featuring a guest appearance from Sacrament’s very own Robert Wolfe. Check out a sample of the track below.

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Nov 262020

Roxx Records is very thankful for you, especially at this time of year when we look back and give thanks to those around us. We are thankful we have been able to keep brining you some of the best Christian music being released today, and thankful for all the artists that work with us and allow us to help share their music and message to the world.

Well today on Thanksgiving day, we are so very excited to announce as we continue on in to the new year and to see what it brings, that we will once again be working with one of the best Christian Melodic Rock bands out there. We are very excited to announce that we will be releasing the brand new album from Fear Not in 2021, and we cant wait for you to hear what the band has been working on, it is sounding amazing.

For now, we reflect back on the most recently released EP “For The Wounded Heart” (review) and share with you this previously unreleased version of ‘Carry Me’ with this very special Orchestral Mix dedicated to the memory of Sean Miller and available digitally everywhere.

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