Aug 042017

Sherri Ross promoter and band manager for Mortification, Wonrowe Vision, Ultimatum, and Faith Factor passed away earlier today, she was battling cancer and unfortunately she has lost it. Sherri was very active and involved in the Christian metal scene.

In 2012 when Sherri became band manager at Rowe Productions we interviewed her, you can find it here.

Below are some reactions from people out of the metal scene

Steve Rowe (Mortification/Rowe Productions)

It is truly sad that you have gone home Sherri. I cherish the times that we worked together. The last year since August has been tough for me going through troubles & my computer failing me many times since it reached 5 years old. Sherri, you managed my Band & gave it the best push it could have had! Thank You so much for just being You! know you are in a better place eternally! I will see you in glory!  Continue reading »

Jul 182015

Wonrowe Vision - 2 Headed Monster One of Steve Rowe’s earlier incarnations was the classic metal band, Lightforce (1986 to 1989). Then he formed Mortification and unleashed the first christian death metal album ‘Mortification’ in 1991. Their 1992 follow-up ‘Scrolls Of The Megilloth’ was a masterpiece of fast death metal with some doom influences. He recently released the final Mort album ‘Realm of the Skelataur’ (2015).

However, Steve still hankered back to those earlier days. His lifelong interest in and passion for 70′s classic heavy rock and early 80′s classic gospel rock led him to form Wonrowe Vision. It is influenced by the 70′s mainstream bands such as Status Quo, Deep Purple and Motorhead combined with the 80′s gospel, hard rock sounds of Resurrection Band, Jerusalem, Barnabas and 100% Proof. One of the biggest differences lies in Steve’s clean, bellowing vocals.

Continue reading »

May 252013

graveforsaken_Vaughun“Hi, this is Vaughan from Grave Forsaken. The issue of music downloading is a complex one. A massive number of people download music without paying for it, so you can make yourself quite unpopular if you speak out against it. I’ve heard all the justifications and reasons people give, but to me it boils down to one simple fact – it is illegal so, therefore, we shouldn’t do it. As far as I can see, if something is against the law of the land, as Christians we are morally obligated to not do it. This is problematic for us music lovers, as it is so easy to obtain material with no direct consequences.

I will never point the finger at a friend or colleague who downloads, as I realise it can be a complex moral minefield. What I try to do is set an example and support legally purchased music. Being in a band, I’m asked about this on a weekly basis. People ask me if downloading impacts our album sales, so it’s obviously on their minds. Continue reading »

Dec 152012

The following interview is not with a band or something like that. It is with Sherri Ross, a promoter of Christian metal bands, nowadays she is also International band manager for Mortification/Wonrowe Vision [Steve Rowe]. Read more on Sherri and her work as a promoter below:

TMR: Hello Sherri warm greetings from a cold Holland, how are you doing ?

Doing great! Just returned from a great church service.

TMR: Can you briefly tell who is ‘Sherri Ross’. Continue reading »

Jul 022012

Steve Rowe [Mortification / Rowe Productions] issued the following message:   I just sat down and listened to the Master Disc of AntiDemon‘s new album Apocalypse Now this afternoon and it is KILLER!! Kind of Morbid Angel meets Suffocation mixed with the Trademark AntiDemon sound musically! Easily the band’s BEST Album to date both in Song Writing and Production! It is so AWESOME to have THE WORLD’S BEST CHRISTIAN DEATH METAL BAND coming out on Rowe Productions!!

With AntiDemon Touring the past 6 weeks it has been difficult for the band to get the Master Discs to me until now. However, Pre-Orders are now welcome! Infiltration Squad Members can order directly from me for $16 AUD (Australian Dollars) each POST PAID!! Continue reading »