Jun 122018

Brutal death metal band Taking The Head Of Goliath have teamed up with The Metal Resource to bring you the exclusive premiere of the new lyric video for ‘Audacity To Inspire.’ The song appears on their upcoming self-titled album, which will be released on July 6th via Rottweiler Records. The video can be watched below.

Frontman Jake Martin says: “We’re very excited to finally be counting down the days for our debut CD release on Rottweiler Records. The label has been so awesome to us. We were signed in the bands infancy so we appreciate everyone’s patience for this release as well as Rottweiler seeing something in us and signing us unprecedentedly early. There’s so much talent with hearts for Christ on this label, we couldn’t be more blessed to be part of The Pack. We were also able to work with some incredible talent on this record. Dave Requisite from Death Requisite and Requisite Resonance composed our intro and outro scores on the record and the one and only Par Olofsson did our epic album art. The opportunity to work with these men was a dream come true. Par‘s two pieces for us perfectly captured our band name and style of music before one even hears the first note. This lyric video for ‘Audacity To Inspire’ communicates the mission of this band and our call as men of God and also features Par‘s artwork. Continue reading »

Jun 032018

Legendary Petra bassist (and founding member) John DeGroff (Who would definitely hate being called legendary) featuring iconic, Grammy award winning Petra vocalist John W Schlitt on vocals.

This is DEFINITELY old school prog rock in the vein of King Crimson, Yes, Kansas, and early Genesis. A VERY eclectic collection of compositions.

Not metal, but definitely cool. Nice to shake it up once in a while, right? Continue reading »

May 112018

Brutal Death Metal Band Taking the Head of Goliath (TTHOG) self-titled debut album will be released worldwide July 6th. through Rottweiler Records.

The OFFICIAL ALBUM RELEASE weekend will be at Audiofeed Music Festival with dual release parties!!! 7/6 on the The Asylum at Audiofeed Music Festival Stage and 7/7 on the Sanctuary at Audiofeed Stage!!! PREORDER BUNDLE ANNOUNCEMENT COMING SOON!!!

Artwork is done by the one-and-only Par Olofsson (Miseration – The Mirroring Shadow, Solution .45 – For Aeons Past, Revulsed – Infernal Atrocity). Par Olofsson is a Swedish Designer/Art Worker. His works can be seen as a Metal album cover (Melodic Death, Technical Death, Brutal Death, Black, Deathcore, Grindcore and Thrash). His style is unique, his fantasy and the combinations of colors make it all work masterful. – Check it below. Continue reading »

Apr 142018

India Based Metal Band R.A.I.D have released a new single ‘Soul of a lion’ which appears on their upcoming album which will be released via Rottweiler Records. The release date will be announced soon. Check out the album artwork below, designed by Jithin Jacob at Inkdom.

‘Soul of a lion’ is available to download for FREE from Noisetrade.

R.A.I.D a metal band that brings huge riffs, slamming grooves and powerful vocals which lyrically follow the ethics of hXc punk; Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). Continue reading »

Apr 122018

As proof that nothing can keep a good ghoul down, Grave Robber have mastered Escaping the Grave  (pun always intended) and are back with a new found intensity in their fifth full-length album of soon-to-be horror punk favorites.

By now, I would hope everyone reading this has at least heard of Grave Robber as it’s not every day you get to see a band in full skeleton regalia playing horror-tinged punk rock at a furious pace.  Then again, their last full length was 2011’s You’re All Gonna Die, so there could be a number of you who haven’t seen/heard of them.  Dating all the way back to 2005, Grave Robber has released four full-length albums, at least one ep in Straight to Hell in 2014, and been on a host of compilations.  Be Afraid was the album that kicked it all off and from the very first play, many, including myself, were hooked at the combination of Misfits speed and fury, Wretched’s smooth, deep vocals, and a tongue-in-cheek, B-Horror movie approach to lyrics, that make it entirely appropriate to sing along with “I want to kill you over and over again” as the song is actually talking about pride.  Fun songs about sin, sacrifice, and redemption seems like an odd mix but they’ve made it work.  Since their last release the band has undergone numerous tragedies, family emergencies, consistent lack of a drummer, and multiple member changes, more than enough for most bands to call it quits, but following a successful crowdfunding campaign, the band pressed on and with some assistance from Jim Chaffin (Crucified) on drums, we are blessed with Escaping the Grave.  Now keep in mind the band hasn’t been on hiatus between albums and done everything from play on volcanoes in Mexico to eating gooey butter cake in St. Louis after a show and played everywhere they could between Mexico and their home in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Continue reading »