Dec 142020

Check out the brand new Shamash guitar playthrough featuring Shamash guitarist, André Chiang and special guest Steven Thang. The track is taken from their debut Ep which is released Nov. 13th. via Rottweiler Records.

The video can be watched below.

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Dec 072020

Grave Robber‘s official lyric video of ‘Scary Christmas To You’ can be seen below. The track is taken from their latest album “Scary Christmas To You” which has been released Dec. 13th. 2019 via Rottweiler Records.

For those unfamiliar with the band, Grave Robber is a horror-punk band in the vein of the Misfits and has been around for more than 10 years, releasing the epic first album Be Afraid in 2008.  The band itself when performing are in full skeleton costume and led by vocalist Wretched, who has that smooth deep voice that provides a dark, instantly recognizable sound on all the albums.  Musicians have come and gone from the band and rumors are that there are multiple versions of several of the characters as the inevitable personnel changes experience by bands have occurred over the years.  Throughout their career, the band has been known for their clever B-movie horror references in their lyrics that are used to deliver a serious message about salvation, while at the same time providing some great choruses to sing along.  All the releases are characterized by top notch performances and production and while some veer more toward the metal spectrums than punk rock, the band always seems to find its way back to the fast, driving punk rock first heard on Be Afraid.

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Oct 272020

Southern Indiana seems a long ways away from Europe, but Symphony of Heaven bring the death metal on The Ascension of Extinction (ep) that would fit right in with the likes of Antestor, Slechtvalk, and Behemoth.

From the opening fast riffs and driving rhythm of “You Shall Be As Gods”, the song literally grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me awake.  I was instantly reminded of the last Slechtvalk album I reviewed Where Wandering Shadows and Mists Collide back in 2016.  The main verses have that dark, heavy element that drives the song along with the deep shouted vocals keeping pace and the rhythm section adding an almost groove feel.  I like how the song has a bit of a more peaceful interlude before picking back up and shifting to a double bass driven pummeling to the end.  Production for the genre is great, guitars and drums easily distinguishable and the vocals clear…at least for the genre.

The title track, “The Ascension of Extinction”, is a bit more straightforward death metal at least in the beginning with the fast guitar riff and drums but then slows a bit with some female spoken words and some black metal sounding near shriek-like vocals breaking up the song and providing a nice contrast to the shouted, deeper death metal growls that fill the rest of the song.  Throughout, the guitars are heavy and the drums nicely punctuate the overall sound.

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Oct 142020

Malaysian metal project Shamash have teamed up with The Metal Resource to bring you the exclusive premiere of the new lyric video for ‘Suffering Servant’. The track appears on their upcoming Ep which will be released Nov. 13th. via Rottweiler Records.

Guitarist André Chiang states: “Shamash is really excited and honored to be a part of The Pack and working together with Rottweiler Records to bring this release to everyone.”

“This video features the artwork of Joel Ignacio from Frack Studios in Argentina who worked tirelessly with us for this concept. We are thrilled that this Ep will be out shortly, in the meantime please enjoy this vid!”

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Oct 092020

Brotality is prepping to bring you another D45 of pounding metal madness, coupled with a brand new music video next week. Check out a teaser below.

Also check out the video interview below, that they recently did with we did with Song & Verse Ministries! The band states: We got to talk about one of our favorite songs from our favorite band and influence Mastodon! It was such a fun and unique interview! Hope you’ll check it out!

The guys in Brotality – brothers Bryce Maopolski (17, guitar and vocals) and Reece Maopolski (16, bass and vocals), along with Liam Fenton (14, drums) – have created a band that unapologetically takes its sonic cues straight from the founding fathers of metal. With tight songwriting, muscular vocals, and crushing riffs in abundance, Brotality have created a dynamic force worthy of carrying forward the Heavy Metal moniker. They cite Mastodon, Megadeth, and Alice Cooper as influences, and it won’t take long for anyone who listens to their music to be smacked in the face with an undeniable old-school sensibility.

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