Apr 092021

Rockshots Records is delighted to announce the opening of its roster to original composers and authors with a new project called “Masterworks”. After six years of activity and over 120 releases to date, the label widens its horizons to a new project involving talented new artists to provide the finest music, lyrics and arrangements, suitable for musicians, commercials, movies, video-games and more. All the songs produced via Rock “Masterworks” will be distributed in partnership with BELIEVE Digital, the worldwide leading company in digital distribution.

If you are an artist and want to apply as composer or author, or if you’re a musician or band looking for a songwriter to finalize your record, or even a company seeking for any commercial or movie soundtrack, just drop an email to masterworks@rockshots.eu to get in touch with the label.

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Mar 242021

After the release of the debut album “Rebirth of Consciousness” and the sophomore album “Ouroboros”, death metallers Manam and Rockshots Records have joined forces again to release a brand new single entitled Forest Secrets‘.

The song is a step forward into the band’s newest evolution, influenced by folk and melodic death metal with a touch of speed metal. 

The band adds: “‘With this song we wanted to explore different musical paths: it’s by far our darkest and heaviest song, but with a folk touch we never had before. In an era where technology and fear are growing every day, we chose to come back to our roots, re-connecting with nature and exorcising our demons.”

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Feb 172021

Marco Grou, keyboardist for Derdian sees his power metal vision come to life in his project Magic Opera, releasing their first album The Golden Pentacle, a symphonic power metal concept work filled with strong performances and the epic overall feel one looks for in the genre.

For those not up on Italian power metal, Marco Grau and several members of Magic Opera hail from the Milan band Derdian, who have been around for at least 15 years from what I can tell. Others have said that Magic Opera sounds a bit like older Derdian, which is not surprising given the members involved, and if that is the case, I have yet another band I need to go and check out. The Golden Pentacle was mixed and mastered by Danilo Di Lorenzo at Moonhouse Recording Studio in Milan and while the overall mix is a bit too keyboard heavy for me, overall it is fitting for the genre, very clean with every instrument and layer of music easily heard and there is a lot musically to take in. Interestingly, the melodies take center stage in the mix with the keyboards and then the lead guitars and strings, and a bit in the background are the drums, rhythm guitar and bass which is a bit disappointing to me given the overall high quality musicianship, but this is more of a stylistic choice than anything.

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Feb 042021

After the successful collaboration for the release of the sophomore album “Moments”, Italy’s power metallers From The Depth and record label Rockshots Records join forces again to release the 10th Anniversary Edition of the band’s debut album “Back to Life”.

The new edition of the record was totally re-mixed and re-mastered by Santo Clemenzi (bass player of the band) at Angle Room Studio, and includes two bonus tracks: the first one was re-recorded by the current line-up (incl. Davide Castro, former keyboard player and current studio arranger), the second one features Apollo Papathanasio duetting with Raffaele “Raffo” Albanese who re-recorded the whole song.

Singer and leader of the band Raffaele “Raffo” Albanese comments about the new release: “After ten years from the release and some years from the sold-out, we decided to release a new version of the album which allowed us to hit many – amazing – stages all around Europe. It would have been too much easy to re-record it, but I believe that each record has its own story, with strenghts and weaknesses, even for an emotional matter.

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Black Fate – “Ithaca”

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Feb 032021

Greek melodic progressive metal band Black Fate return strong and forceful on their newest album ‘Ithaca’, delivering powerful performance throughout. They bring together a beautiful symphonic landscape that is organically salty and filled with catchy guitar riffs, and big score melodies highlights. It is evident the band has progressively moved forward from album to album, and Ithaca is a wonderful landscape of great artistry matured and seasoned as it is beautiful and epic filled. Chemistry is a very important component in the fluidity of the product, and the musicians ooze chemistry through their skill set. This chemistry allows for easy listening and great enjoyment of the occasion, and one feels allured to celebrate the accomplishment of “Ithaca” with the band naturally.

The vocals deliver a hauntingly and dramatic execution that is a complimentary driving force to the musical landscape beneath. Vasilis Georgiou has a lot of warmth and depth to his voice that draws one into the musical landscape and the adventure story telling.

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