Jul 012019

Finnish symphonic power metal band Everfrost‘s sophomore album “Winterider” will be released via Rockshots Records on September 6th!

“Winterider” will be a unique undertaking for a metal/rock band, as it will be the combination between a fully coherent manga comic and a conceptual album. The story will feature characters from their debut album “Blue Eyed Emotion”

The music includes generous use of catchy melodies and heavy riffs, plenty of guitar and keyboard solos, a large instrumental variety from orchestral to electronic and energetic drumming. 10 Freezing Songs Of A Harsh Winter Tale!

The album features Asim Searah from Wintersun as special guest on ‘Above The Treeline’, and includes a cover version of ‘Die Young’ originally By Kesha. Continue reading »

Jun 012019

Italy’s progressive rock-metal orchestra Ainur and Rockshots Records are stoked to announce the release of the new (old) single ‘Fall Of Gondolin’. Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien‘s opus since a decade and half, Ainur are coming back with a re-recorded and re-mixed version of their 2006’s ‘Fall Of Gondolin’, foreseeing the much awaited 5th full-lenght coming out later this year.

Currently the band is located at Evolution Recording Studio (Italy), working on the new full-lenght with the producer Massimiliano Flak (Sound Storm, Highlord), who already handled the new single production.

The band adds: “‘Fall of Gondolin’ is one of our most representative song, that’s the reason why we couldn’t choose anything better than this to introduce the new visual and sonic identity of the band. FoG is the perfect example of what Ainur was and what will be since now on.” Continue reading »

May 092019

Italy’s progressive rock-metal band Ainur, has just announced the signing of a record deal with Rockshots Records. Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien‘s opus since a decade and half, AINUR are coming back with a new, majestic project later this year. The new path was overtaken by a short trailer appeared on the label’s YouTube Channel, showing up the band’s new look as well, check it below.

Currently the band is located at Evolution Recording Studio (Italy), working on the new project with the producer Massimiliano Flak (Sound Storm, Highlord).

The band comments: “After some collaboration in the past, Ainur and Rockshots Records are officially partners in crime! Get ready for a new and improved music, more aggressive and more rock!” Continue reading »

S91 “Along the Sacred Path”

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Mar 212019

S91 is a Christian progressive metal band from Tuscany, and with the release of “Along the Sacred Path” continue documenting the history of humanity through the lens of Christian theology, a study started on “Behold the Mankind” (2016).

“Constantine the Great” starts in such a moody way. The bass guitar riff makes you sway, and the time signature points to prog rock complexity. This complexity remains when vocal duties change hands – at first manly and gruff, and then melodic and feminine. Along the Sacred Path makes for a gripping journey.

Just when you think you have the genre pinned down, the blistering guitar riff that opens “Saint Patrick” makes me think of speed metal à la Cacophony (Marty Friedman & Jason Becker). I like how the voice also gets a hardcore treatment that fits this song particularly well. You’ll have to hold on tight, because S91 change rhythmic tac often. Here now is a beautiful soaring keyboard that carries female vocals singing, “Oh my Lord, thanks my Lord”. Continue reading »

Nov 162018

Italy’s power/prog metal band S91 ink a worldwide record deal with Rockshots Records for the release of their sophomore album coming out in early 2019.

Their debut album “Behold The Mankind” was released in 2016, and was a concept album about human history in a Christian approach. S91‘s style is in the wake of a coordinated progressive-metal with symphonic influences, led by the warm and strong voice of Maria Londino standing above. The album was produced by Cristiano Bertocchi (Labyrinth, Vision Divine, Wind Rose) and mastered by Simone Mularoni (Domination Studios), and was very well welcomed by critics and audience allowing the band to play shows in Italy and abroad, including a performance at the latest edition of “Elements Of Rock”, the largest Christian metal festival in Europe.

Currently the band is in studio to define the final details of the sophomore album, a new and exciting concept album coming out in early 2019 with a worldwide release and distribution by Rockshots Records.

More details and info about the new release will follow soon. Continue reading »