Aug 132017

The third edition of Rock Alive was scheduled for 23 September not in Atak/Enschede but this year in Hedon, Zwolle (Netherlands). Performing bands would be: Deliverance, Antidemon, Germán Pascual, Slechtvalk, Frühstück, Boarders, S91, Pure Harvest, Slechtvalk, Inside Mankind – but the event has recently been canceled. In a statement on the website the organisation says:

Unfortunately we have to make a sad announcement…

It’s with a heavy heart that we have to tell you that the upcoming Rock Alive festival will not be held this September 23th this year. Due to some circumstances beyond our control it won’t be able for the organisation to make it the festival it should be. So there will NOT be a festival on September 23th in Zwolle this year. Continue reading »

Jun 092017

Germán Pascual (Essence of Sorrow, DivineFire, ex. Mind´s Eye, ex. Narnia, ex, Empire 21) will perform at the third edition of Rock Alive, which will be held 23 September not as previously mentioned in Atak/Enschede but in Hedon, Zwolle, the Netherlands.

Other confirmed bands so far are: Deliverance (USA), Antidemon (BRA). Frühstück (PL/NL), Boarders (IT), S91 (IT), Pure Harvest (NL), Slechtvalk (NL), Inside Mankind (IT).

German Pascual’s was born in Uruguay, South America but was raised in Brazil and then moved to Stockholm, Sweden in his early teens and is still there today. German came to know Christian Liljegren (Narnia, Divinefire, Golden Resurrection). Christian allowed German to do the vocals on the Narnia album “Course of a Generation” Which was released in 2009. That same year, Pascual was named “The Best Metal Voice” by “The Gates of Metal.” Continue reading »

Oct 012016

Deliverance_2016_ddcVeteran metallers Deliverance are booked for the third edition of Rock Alive, which will be held 23 September 2017 again at venue Atak, Enschede, the Netherlands. This will be their first show ever at European soil. It’s still far away but mark this date on your calendar.

Other confirmed bands so far are: Antidemon (BRA). Frühstück (PL/NL) more bands tba.

On 28 Oct. 2010 the band played at Nordic Fest. (Oslo). Unfortunately frontman Jimmy Brown was unable to come and he was replaced by Eli Prinsen (The Sacrificed/Sacred Warrior), let’s hope this time Jimmy will be there! (footage of their show in Oslo can be seen here, Deliverance at 07.09). Because otherwise it is not Deliverance, but that’s my opinion. Continue reading »

Aug 122016

Tommy ReinxeedTommy ReinXeed of Swedish melodic / power metal band ReinXeed has just reported the following:

“I come with bad news I’m afraid… I’ve been working hard for my dream job for many years and today I finally got the news that I will start! I’m very glad about this of course, but it means that I can not attend at your festival since I have to go to America in beginning of september and then also go to Russia so if I want this job it means I have to be there, otherwise I can’t work with this. I’m very sorry about this, I really hope you can find a replacement and I know it’s gonna be a great festival with all these great bands you have booked already!! Again, I’m very sorry but I have to follow my dream… Take care and good luck with everything with the festival! (Tommy ReinXeed)

The organization says on its website: “Given the short time remaining, there is decided to book no replacement.” Continue reading »

Jun 092016

Tommy ReinxeedTommy ReinXeed – the talented shining star from the North of Sweden has been added to the line up for the 2nd edition of Rock Alive. Recently, the organization announced a move to another location. This year the festival will be held on Sept. 24th. in venue Atak, Enschede, Netherlands. (Their statement can be found here.)

Other performing band’s will be: Leviticus (Classic heavy metal – SE), Safemode (Metalcore – SE), Stun (Noise pop/Alternative – DE), Unseen Faith (Metalcore/Deathcore – DK), Stairway (Hardrock – UK), Dark Sky (Melodic Rock/Metal – DE), Hypersonic (power metal – IT), Roselyn (Chaotic Hardcore  – DK), Nobuts (pop/rock – NL) more tba.

Tommy ReinXeed’s services as a great composer and producer are now known worldwide and his reputation is growing stronger. Between the age of 19 to 26 he has recorded and released 21 albums in Japan, and can you hear him play and sing on more than 35 albums. Continue reading »