The Letter Black Releases New Single ‘Rise’

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Feb 272021

The Letter Black have released a brand new single and lyric video ‘Rise’ off their upcoming album due out later this year. Originally the band was slated to release ‘Born For This’ feat. Trevor McNevan and even released a preview of the track, but looks like a decision was made to push that back until later. Possibly as a second single off the upcoming album. Check out the lyric video for ‘Rise’ below:

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Apr 142018

Sabrina Todt front-woman of Symphonic Metal Band Silent Saga checked in with the following:

We had a great time last week during our concert in Hamburg, but… that wasn’t just a simple concert…

It was the first concert of Silent Saga with our new band member: Carsten Meyer.

Carsten will take over the bass and Silent Saga is now a 5 piece band! Say “hi!” to him and don’t forget to check his other project, The Whiskey Hell.

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Silent Saga – “Rise!”

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Mar 192018

Fresh from a successful Kickstarter campaign, symphonic power metal band Silent Saga have combined all songs of previously released ep’s onto one CD

Some bands seemingly come from out of nowhere to make a statement, and that’s the feeling I get from Silent Saga.  The band currently is based in Hamburg, Germany by way of Brazil where vocalist Sabrina Todt and multi-instrumentalist Renato Angelo moved from in 2014.  The band  as it is, formed out of the Brazilian band Amazon, who has shared stages with heavyweights in the genre such as Nightwish and Epica.  In 2016, Todt and Angelo added Alex Mancini on guitar and drummer Daniel Sapcu to form the current Silent Saga lineup.  The band’s material on Rise has been previously released on three ep’s, Ball of Vanities, Immortal, and The Path.  For all three, production was handled by Sander Gommans (After Forever), Ivo Van DIjk (Xystus, Karmaflow), and Amanda Somerville (Avantasia).   Other interesting pieces of information on the songs are that some musicians from the former band Amazon were involved, with producer Sander Gommans adding some guitars and guitar solos, Andre Pedral on bass, and drums by Marcos Frassao, who recorded them in Brazil.

As I’ve written reviews, I’ve noted many times how sheltered I must be from good music as I’ll often get bands that are so good I should have heard them before receiving an album to review.  Silent Saga fits nicely into that category.  Rise (and by default their ep’s) is a great album for those who appreciate symphonic, power metal.  Continue reading »

Mar 192018

Sabrina Todt front-woman of Symphonic Metal Band Silent Saga checked in with the following:

Today is the day! Our first full length physical album was officially released! It’s already available on the Silent Saga Store! In a few days it will also be available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Spotify!

It features 10 songs (from the previews EPs) and a gorgeous booklet with all the lyrics, credits and technical info. And once again I want to thank you for all your support! You rock!

PS: Here’s a top secret info about this CD: there are just 450 copies available, and we really don’t know yet if we’re gonna do more in the future, so, if you really like our work and haven’t gotten your copy yet, hurry up! 😉 Continue reading »

Dec 232017

After releasing 3 digital EPs, Ball Of Vanities, Immortal and The Path, symphonic metal band Silent Saga want to release the band’s first physical album (CD), featuring all songs from the released EPs. We are finally ready to go further and release our first full-length album called “RISE.”

Thats why they have launched a kickstarter campaigne last month to fund Silent Saga’s debut full length album. Their goal has been reached, Silent Saga’s physical Album Project has been successfully funded – Thanks to all backers, funds will soon be transferred to the creator, and they’ll begin working on their project. Estimated release Feb 2018.

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