Jun 212018

Eraserhead is the brainchild of Jimmy P Brown II (Deliverance, Fearful Symmetry, Jupiter VI) together with former Deliverance band mates Jon Knox and Manny Morales. Their debut album will be released Sept. 18th on cd and vinyl via Retroactive Records. Listen to the second single ‘The Swell Lot of Thieves’ in the clip below.

About the album: For years Deliverance icon and creative mastermind has tried to balance speaking to fans of the thrash metal years, and fans of the Deliverance “creative years”. With Jimmy P. Brown II’s Eraserhead Jimmy is making a name change for the Deliverance sound that is full on heavy, metal, progressive, dark, and ultra creative (but not thrash or speed metal!). Featuring Manny Morales on bass, and Jon Knox (Adam Again, White Heart, Great White) on drums – this is the same trio responsible for the epic Deliverance releases titled “Learn” and “River Disturbance” which both feature Jimmy Brown as a master axeman on rhythm and lead guitars. As accomplished as Jimmy P. Brown II has been with mind-rattling epic metal releases like “Stay of Execution,” “Learn,” & “River….” With Eraserhead the bar has been set infinitely higher. Continue reading »

Jun 132018

Perpetual Paranoia is a new band, a collaboration between Dale Thompson (BrideThe World Will Burn), Tiago James de Souza (Hand of Fire) – The album  will be released via Retroactive Records in early August. Check out the lyric video for ‘Whatever It Takes’ below.

Pre-Order the CD now and receive a FREE 5×5 sticker of that artwork! This is the heaviest music Dale has ever done, and Tiago is a guitar maestro of epic proportions. This CD is heavy, engaging, and brilliant METAL!

The name Perpetual Paranoia lends itself to the thought of ongoing fear. It has an implication of something never-ending, yet something to be cautious of, maybe even to avoid. Perhaps, it is something to run from. However, the name Perpetual Paranoia belongs to a musical entity that is the brainchild of two very distinct and unique talents in the metal world. Most definitely not something to run from, but something to take heed of! Continue reading »

Apr 292018

BIG NEWS in the Retroactive Records and Boon’es Overstock camp!

In the world of metal, Jimmy P. Brown II holds a legendary, esteemed position as the frontman and leader of the epic, artistic thrash band, Deliverance! Having always tried to appease the Deliverance fans of the early years (crunchy thrash) and the later albums (the artistic/progressive years) Jimmy always felt torn between the two fan bases. With Jimmy P. Brown II ‘s “Eraserhead” album the members of Deliverance who created such masterpieces as River Disturbance, Learn, and Camelot in Smithereens come together again in full force and better than ever! Melody, progression, and lyrics with depth and vitality Jimmy P. Brown has released an epic masterpiece that is the pinnacle of his long and heralded metal legacy. The album will release on Retroactive Records on both CD and Vinyl in the fall of 2018. Continue reading »

Mar 062018

FINALLY! Quality CD and Vinyl Reissues of all three Seventh Angel albums on CD and Vinyl! Pre-order all three Seventh Angel Vinyl (The Torment + Lament For the Weary + Dust of Years) you will get a bonus 12″ full color insert for Dust of Years and a bonus 8×10 band photo for Lament for the Weary. Good for the first 100 Pre-orders or until we [Boone’s Overstock] run out! Also available are The Torment and Lament For the Weary on CD fully remastered with 12 page inserts complete with band pics, lyrics, and band write ups! Get ’em now while you can!

Early 90’s Seventh Angel is a U.K. thrash band that wedded speed metal with doom and gloom and the irresistible vocals of elite frontman, Ian Arkley. The iconic debut, The Torment, offers emotion-packed songs with lyrics that promise eternal suffering to the unrepentant (Tormented Forever) while Expletive Deleted encourages Christians to cleanup their language. Originally released on The Edge Music/Kingsway Music in the U.K., the album found its way to the U.S. through Pure Metal Records in 1990. Continue reading »

Feb 032018

All three Seventh Angel studio albums are at the vinyl manufacturing plant, “The Torment” (1990), “Lament For The Weary” (1991), and “Dust Of Years” (2009) ..  all 3 should be done no later than May.

The metal gods have smiled upon us and in 2018 Retroactive Records will be reissuing both epic thrash releases by the British band Detritus who released 1990’s “Perpetual Defiance” on Star Song Records (post-Pure Metal Records), and 1993’s “If But For One” on R.E.X. Records. Expect to see both albums with remastered with demo bonus tracks on CD and Vinyl in 2018!

More info and pre-orders coming soon, we keep you posted. Continue reading »