For I am King – “I”

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Mar 042019

Rarely do we come across bands with women fronting them, and with For I Am King we see Alma Alizadeh stepping in and delivering something extraordinary. For I am King, a Netherlands based Metalcore outfit, have come out with their sophomore album, I. The album is signed up with Redfield records and was released last December the 7th.  Their debut album Daemons won them much applause and launched them well and gave them the opportunity to play at Wacken Open Air.

Have you ever tried screaming? Well let me tell you, it is not easy, I’ve tried plenty of times and it takes a lot to bring out whats in one’s mind to one’s voice, and Alma kills it! What comes out as its result is brutal Metalcore with plenty of ambience added keeping this record heavy and straight. Metalcore as a genre restricts itself within the realms of odd time sequences, breakdowns, melodic riffs and a clean interlude. It gets hard to deliver something fresh when the formulaic has been laid out so rigid. Let’s find out how this record shapes. Continue reading »

Oct 142018

For I Am King‘s eagerly anticipated second album “I” will be out December 7, 2018 on Redfield Records. After the first precursor ‘Prey’, released in May, the new single ‘Forever Blind’, out October 5, is one of the band’s most metal tracks to date and represents the new material perfectly.

Front-woman Alma Alizadeh on ‘Forever Blind’: “Our new single is about a person with two faces. Someone who you trust but who totally unexpectedly stabs you in the back. I think, that this is recognizable for many people. The text is written from the perspective of this ‘backstabber’. The snake in the new video symbolizes this unreliable person.”

The music video for ‘Forever Blind’ can be watched below.

The uniqueness of the Dutch metal band For I Am King is best described by the introduction of the new I-factor, a 3.0 variant of the much sought-after X-factor. The I is the ninth letter of the modern Latin alphabet and it has importance in the fields of mathematics and chemistry as well. In addition, I is the symbol for electric power and it stands in abbreviations for international. Continue reading »

Jun 222018

After the successful kick-off with their 2016 EP “Divided by Choice” on Redfield Records, melodic hardcore specialists The Pariah are ready to take the European scene by storm with outstanding new material as well as with their energetic and intense live shows and raise the standards for their peers and followers. The first precursor ‘Silent Birds’ sets the uncompromising path but it also holds ready the right dose of catchiness. A video that might break with the viewing habits of parts of the audience, matches perfectly the image of a band that that doesn’t have to look for its scene for long but keeps on having the demand to be original.

If as headliner, on festivals or as opener for bands like Napoleon, Hundreth, Capsize, Landscapes, Shai Hulud, Canvas and Polar, it is safe to claim that The Pariah have never played a show, where they didn’t attract some new fans. Their combination of drive, enthusiasm, the absolute belief in their art convinces everyone in the end and this will certainly also be the case on their upcoming shows with Being As An Ocean and Counterparts this summer. Continue reading »

Jul 192017

Summer slump is cancelled! The compilation “Free Love. Free Mosh. Free Waffles!”Redfield Records Summer 2017’ includes 30 Songs by 30 artists and it’s now ready FOR YOU for free on Bandcamp.

Everyone who’s downloading the compilation also has the chance to win 1 of 3 exclusive packages including music, merch, stickers and (of course) waffles!

Get tracks from: A Traitor Like Judas, Abandon All Ships, All For Nothing, Antillectual, Any Given Day, As We Go, Breathe Atlantis, City Kids Feel The Beat, Defy Your Dreams, Elwood Stray, Final Story, For I Am King, Heartbound, Kids Insane, Malcolm Rivers, Miles Beneath, Mutiny on the Bounty, Neberu, Returner, Revaira, Team Stereo, Texas Local News, The Pariah, Up North, Valley, Shoot The Girl First, We Scrape The Sky, When Stars Collide, Whiteriver and Wolves Scream! Continue reading »

Any Given Day – “Everlasting”

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Aug 252016

Everlasting_AGDANY GIVEN DAY from the heart of the German Ruhr Area release their second album ‘Everlasting’ on August 26 and even aside from the title they make unmistakably clear that the band is ready to take the next step in its career with complete power and loudness. But more about that later.

In 2014 ANY GIVEN DAY successfully transformed with their debut ‘My Longest Way Home’ from being an internet hype (the cover of the Rihanna song ‘Diamonds’ has been watched millions of times) into a surprising Top 30 German chart entry and main stage (festival) act (i.a. With Full Force, Rock Im Revier, Summer Breeze).

On the song ‘Arise’ you can hear the voice of no one less than TRIVIUM’s Matthew Heafy.  Continue reading »