Jul 192017

Summer slump is cancelled! The compilation “Free Love. Free Mosh. Free Waffles!”Redfield Records Summer 2017’ includes 30 Songs by 30 artists and it’s now ready FOR YOU for free on Bandcamp.

Everyone who’s downloading the compilation also has the chance to win 1 of 3 exclusive packages including music, merch, stickers and (of course) waffles!

Get tracks from: A Traitor Like Judas, Abandon All Ships, All For Nothing, Antillectual, Any Given Day, As We Go, Breathe Atlantis, City Kids Feel The Beat, Defy Your Dreams, Elwood Stray, Final Story, For I Am King, Heartbound, Kids Insane, Malcolm Rivers, Miles Beneath, Mutiny on the Bounty, Neberu, Returner, Revaira, Team Stereo, Texas Local News, The Pariah, Up North, Valley, Shoot The Girl First, We Scrape The Sky, When Stars Collide, Whiteriver and Wolves Scream! Continue reading »

Mar 082017

Valley is a melodic hardcore band from Belgium near Brussels, they were founded in 2014 after some members of a metalcore band wanted to diverge from the aggressive and straightforward music and make more melodic, emotive music without grunts but screams. Valley is not a band who wants to spend much time in the rehearsal room. They rather are on the road and have shared the stage with bands as; BEING AS AN OCEAN, BURNING DOWN ALASKA, ACRES and CASEY, to name a few.

After having released two EP’s they are now signed to Redfield Digital and the release date for their first full-length album is set on March 31, 2017.

In his own words, Valley’s vocalist is describing his vision of the music: “Emotive hardcore with an intimate atmosphere. Being in another world, accepting the emotions and give yourself to the music. Clean and screaming vocals. Influences of post rock.” Well, somehow this sounds very appealing to me, so let us take a closer look/listen to their new album “Dark Tears//Bright Smiles” Continue reading »

Malcolm Rivers – “Karmageddon”

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Jan 032017

malcolm-rivers-karmageddonMalcolm Rivers is a post-hardcore band from Münster, Germany. The band was named after the protagonist of the movie Identity. After two self released EP’s it is now time to release their first full album “Karmageddon” on Redfield Digital. The release date is set on January 13,2017.

The album is about, as is stated in the reviewer notes: “The concept album takes a look on the theory and consequences of karma from different perspectives. Lyrically linked songs, textual repetitions and the hourglass as a symbol for the remaining but running out time that’s left to rethink our own actions and change them.”

The album begins with ‘Hourglass’ an intro that at the beginning sounds a bit spheric and you tend to lose yourself in time, it is building up the tension and the expectation. It flows fluently into the first (real) track ‘The Last Call’. Immediately they grab my attention with a song that is full of energy but also a chorus that is so packed with melody that just touches something inside me. They prove that hardcore shouldn’t be limited to only breakdown after breakdown. I hear influences from a wide variety of metal-styles. I even hear some prog-metal influences and that keeps it fresh. Of course there are the mandatory hardcore related elements, and I applaud that they also keep true to the hardcore spirit. The third track ‘Drown In Truth’ features Fábio of Hills Have Eyes, they also released a video for this song. Continue reading »

Texas Local News – “Momentum”

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May 192016

momentum_1e3This is Texas Local News, a metalcore-pop band from Frankfurt, Germany. TLN is female- and male-fronted and was founded in 2011. They made their first appearance with the EP ‘We Are Pandora’ in autumn 2012 and after that they played a number of festivals throughout Germany. TLN have been able to gain a devoted fanbase with over 150 shows in their home country and abroad.

The next step is the production of their first longplayer ‘Momentum’. The album was produced in cooperation with Daniel Haniß (ESKIMO CALLBOY) and Simon Yildirim (TO THE RATS AND WOLVES). TLN have created what they call themselves metalcore-pop.

As they state themselves: “TEXAS LOCAL NEWS once again rely on their trademarks: polyphonic vocals collide with powerful screams, melancholic lyrics with tremendous, melodic choirs.”

Well, let’s see if we agree… Continue reading »

Apr 182016

Texas_Local_News_7daGerman based Metalcore-Pop band Texas Local News will release their new album “Momentum” on May 6th. through Redfield Records (a division of Redfield Records). Check out the music video for ‘Disclosure’ below.

Female- and male-fronted, polyphonic vocals, eclectic screams, supported by a band that easily unites the two extremes metalcore and pop.

Founded in 2011, Texas Local News made their first appearance with the EP “We Are Pandora” in autumn 2012 and set their own landmarks from the very beginning: A female singer and metalcore – that works perfectly! In the following year, the band already played a number of festivals in all parts of Germany and was able to impress on the big stages as well. With their energetic live show Texas Local News have been able to gain a devoted fan-base with over 150 shows in their home country and abroad. The online-community was also taken by storm with the releases of the videos for ‘Time And Reason’ (2013) and ‘Disclosure’ (2016). Continue reading »