Apr 042018

The Bearded Dragon Productions is re-releasing the grindcore project Redemption of the Flesh by Flactorophia originally from 2006 as their debut release.

In the big picture, Flactorophia has been a relatively unknown, unheard Christian grindcore band largely because there was only one release in 2006 and in 2008, the leader of the project Jose Barragan tragically passed away in a fire that also claimed 5 members of the band Zelestial.  The album is being re-released on the 10th anniversary of that tragedy.

Make no mistake, this is raw, demo-quality grindcore with the eight songs clocking in around 8 minutes total and some of the tracks have samples thrown in to the intros.  Surprisingly, the first track “Regurgitation….” starts out with a bit of melody and groove to it before the guttural vocals and blast beats come in.  As one might imagine, vocals are unintelligible, but then again this is fast grindcore.  Continue reading »

Mar 192018

The Bearded Dragon Productions is proud to present it’s debut release. Flactorophia has been an unknown act for years, and here’s why. On April 20, 2008, Jose Barragan passed away in a fire, alongside 14 others, including five members of Zelestial. The album, “Redemption of the Flesh,” was released however, which is why the album is being re-released. The album is brutal and exhibits the fastest and heaviest of grindcore. It will not disappoint. Continue reading »