Dec 042014

Red CordRead the following message of Red Cord Records label owner Joey Matthews:

To everyone who has been wandering what RCR has been up to and or why we have been none existent for the past couple months I am going to give some clarity. As many of you already know the music industry is just not the same as it was ten years ago and yes we know you have heard that over and over whether it be from a band breaking up or a company shutting its doors. Sales are down, Marketing cost more now, money, money, money…… Everything cost something and even with the new social media trend in the past decade it still takes money to break a new artist. This is where my next point comes in. We started this label right after the economy crashed and built it on the idea of giving the everyday up and coming artist who normally wouldn’t get a chance an offer to partner with them and expand their market exposure through development and working hard as a team and becoming a family. It quickly became bigger than expected and expenses quickly became overwhelmingly larger than expected. We were blessed to find a business model that worked for a time until we realized it needed to change due to the company going deeper in retail and marketing on a larger scale. No longer was it 100% possible to maintain a smaller family label with the staff growing, new building, new label studio/producers, and all the amazing people involved pushing each album to distribution, publicity, and building marketing campaigns. With all those expenses we needed to break an artist soon and real soon. Continue reading »

‘Shaken’ Signs With ‘Red Cord Records’

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Dec 092013

shaken-bandRed Cord Records are pleased to announce the signing of Mississippi Rock band Shaken. The five-piece band has been making their path in the music industry since 2003 with their tremendous work ethic and perseverance. In 2011 Shaken had great success with their “New Beginning” EP, produced by Grammy nominated producer Travis Wyrick which spawned the Billboard charting single “New Beginning.” After heavily touring and writing throughout 2011 and 2012, the band entered the studio in 2013 to record an EP that would make a mark in the industry.

Vocalist James Harrod commented: Continue reading »

Nov 082013

Random HeroRed Cord Records are excited to announce the addition of Random Hero. Random Hero has spent three years changing lives through the positive power of music. The band has worked incredibly hard to present meaningful music and a tight, energy charged live show.

“Though we have had other offers, it was the heart behind Red Cord that ultimately solidified our decision to sign with the label. Joey and the entire staff have taken great care to build a foundation relevant to today’s music industry. Red Cord Records is “eyes wide open”, and it is that clear vision that we are excited to partner with.”
-Artist Manager, Scottie Flint Continue reading »

Oct 242013

Day OfVengeance 2011Red Cord Records is very excited to announce their next release and last release of 2013 Day of Vengeance“Crutchless”. The album will be released online, December 3rd and will be the 3rd full length from the band as well as their 4th release on Red Cord.

Combining just the right amount of heartwarming melody and harmony with strategically placed brutal breakdowns, designed to make people move on the inside and on the outside.

Hailing from Bradenton, FL DOV is storming the music scene by force. Ever striving to give their very best to do what God has called them to do… “Plain and simply to become a light in the darkness. Our dream is not to just make a living off of playing music, but to promote life change through our passion for music. To help bring a message of hope to a dying world through word, thought, and deed. Continue reading »

Oct 192013

Phinehas_2013California mustache masters Phinehas has posted the following message, earlier today on their facebook page:

“Hello beautiful metal lovers.

We get a lot of questions about whether or not Phinehas is a “Christian band” and what that actually means to us in our daily lives. We are indeed a Christian band, but this absolutely doesn’t mean that we don’t have flaws or make mistakes.

The truth is that every single person on this planet deals with sin as the result of the fall, us and every other Christian included. Our “reputation” isn’t what’s important to us-we don’t want to just hide our flaws inside and act like we are perfect on the outside because what other people think of us ultimately holds no weight in the eyes of God. The only thing that matters to us is Jesus-we are sinners that need a Savior. None of our identities are in Phinehas, our identities are in Christ, and Jesus must increase while we (and by extension, Phinehas) must decrease. Continue reading »