Oct 302018

Prescott, Arizona punks Reliance have released their music video for the song ‘No Matter What’ from the EP “Crashing Down”. The video can be watched below.

This track was produced and recorded by Dave Klein in Los Angeles, California. Mixed by Bill Stevenson, and mastered by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado. Continue reading »

Aug 022018

Raven Faith Records and Thumper Punk Records have jointly teamed up for the release of “Turn It Up!” from Fountain Valley, California, based punk band CPR. While musically influenced by Oxymoron, The Damned, and Black Flag, CPR has a unique street punk sound that sets itself apart. Said lead singer Jet Wilson: “Don’t write music to please the crowd. Don’t write music that’s already been done before.”

CDs will be available directly from CPR and Raven Faith Records. Digital downloads available now from: Continue reading »

Thre3 – “Do or Die”

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Jun 282018

The self-proclaimed pop punk band Thre3 have released their debut cd, a ten song collection of guitar driven punk and pop punk tracks that would provide a nice soundtrack for the  sunny summer days of my youth…

Some may know a bit about Richmond, Virginia and its ties to music, especially metal heavyweights like Lamb of God, Municipal Waste, and the always entertaining Gwar.  From a genre standpoint, this has little to do with Thre3 as they have more in common with local musicians like Navaeh and True Liberty, but does highlight the history of good music coming from Richmond.  About  five years ago Thre3 got their start as the pop-punk cover band Penguin Juice with just Keith Donovan Burket and Noah Carroll.  After a year or so, Noah felt the band needed to move to a more Christian direction and Don Carroll joined the band on bass with Keith moving to drums, Noah to vocals, and a name change to 70×7.  Not until September of 2017 did the band’s name change to the current Thre3.  The band wrote most of the songs on Do or Die within the last year and recorded with a friend of theirs, Eddie Payne at his studio, the Sound Garage in Richmond.

Right from the start Thre3 have a great start and live feel to the recording.  There’s a muted guitar strum followed by a chord that rings out into near feedback before a fast bass and drum line come in followed by a somewhat aggressive tone on the guitar.  The underlying rhythm to the song bounces along and the guitar which is a bit heavy for a pop punk song carries the bulk of the song.  From a production perspective everything has that rough punk rock feel to it, a bit more than one would expect from pop punk but it works.  Noah’s vocals convey that somewhat awkward nature often found in pop punk songs, so that part works as well and “All This Noise” has the general elements expected in a pop punk song.  Good tune. Continue reading »

Peter 118 – Anthology and Live in L.A.

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Apr 092018

Peter 118 returns again with an anthology of all previously released tracks on one album and a bonus album of live tracks performed at Harry’s House of Rebellion in LA.

Peter 118 started out as a solo project by Peter Szczepanski (Field), formerly of Senseless and Ambassadors of Shalom and featured Peter’s wife Janine on bass and friend Sam on drums. In 2014, the catchy “Radio” was released, followed by “Make it or Break it” in 2015. In 2016 the band’s Need You More ep caught the ear of legendary KROQ DJ Rodney Bingenheimer and band’s video started seeding mainstream airplay.  Alisha Palmer was added on rhythm guitar and the band has played  the Rainbow Rock Festival in Stockholm.

For the Anthology, all you need to know is that the album is filled with catchy pop punk songs with the kind of hooks that get stuck in your head and keep replaying in your head throughout the day but in a way that doesn’t make you immediately search for something else to drown it out.  Continue reading »