Feb 082018

Punk rock band Peter118 recently signed with Raven Faith Records.

Peter118 are about to release a Live album through Raven Faith Records which was scheduled for Thumper Punk Records mid/late in 2017 in August.

Not only are Raven Faith Records financing and releasing the full Live album, but they are also releasing all the existing E.P’s on one pressing. Continue reading »

Jan 282018

Punk band Desiring Dead Flesh recently released its new album “That Suuck’d” via Raven Faith Records, the album is available from bandcamp for ‘no minimum’ download.

Desiring Dead Flesh is a DIY punk band from Bay City Michigan. Desiring Dead Flesh began in the summer of 2000. Bryan had been throwing shows and running sound in Mid-Michigan scene for many years, so Desiring Dead Flesh always tries to be a band with the ‘scene ethics’ that venues and other bands like to do shows with. Continue reading »

Jul 132017

Thumper Punk Records and Raven Faith Records are honored to announce the release of “Empires Fall”, a 52 track spoken word masterpiece from Eagle Spits and Friends.

Forty years after his initial involvement in the punk scene, Eagle Spits still blazes trails with his outspoken, angry, and humorous slam poetry that strikes at the inner core of societal problems. And, this time Eagle Spits has brought along reinforcements, including Dwane Reads, Rachel Joy, Danny Ratcatcher, Asa Thomas and others, to help with the confrontational merriment. Standing up against capitalism, racism, and tyranny, Empires Fall rails against injustice and inequality, and provides some jarringly clear answers built upon the teachings of the ‘Agitator from Nazareth’. Continue reading »

CPR – “Live at Fuzion”

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Sep 012015

cprcd_24dA debut album by a  punk band being a live recording?  I think most bands in general, let alone punk bands would shudder at the thought.  Actually, this is a rather punk rock sort of thing to do right?  Anyways, Raven Faith Records, latest band, CPR has released their debut album Live at Fuzion and for those looking for straight ahead punk rock attitude and sound of some of the older bands, this is one to check out.

Hailing from Fountain Valley, in Southern California near Huntington Beach south of LA, CPR is, from the limited information I can find, a father and sons band which is I believe the first time I’ve run into this situation and I will say it is pretty cool to see punk rock being passed from generation to generation.  The band accurately describes their sound as “classic punk rock” with style influences from bands like Sham69, Dead Boys, Cock Sparrer, the Damned, and Stiff Little Fingers.

Live recordings by any band can be a bit of an ordeal and challenge and punk bands rarely step up to that, let alone for a debut, so needless to say, even on the surface this is a bit noteworthy.  The first thing that becomes clear is that the crowd is not captured or mixed into the recording the way you typically hear in a live recording, this is essentially just the band.  Vocals, drums and guitars are clear and the guitar tone is a bit on the rough side as it should be for a punk band.  Unfortunately, outside of the intro to the opening track “Contagious”, the bass is largely lost in the mix, which makes the music seem a bit thin, but again this is a live recording. Continue reading »

The Bricks – “Here We Come”

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Aug 172015

Here we Come“Punks not dead” but there seems to be a relative lack of new bands coming forward and releasing music.  From the great plains, comes The Bricks with their debut album Here we Come looking to fill some of that void.

Omaha, Nebraska near the middle of the US is generally not thought of as a haven for punk rock, but the Bricks claim that as their hometown.  From the rather sparse information available about the band, they go back to 2011 and Here We Come is their debut album, released on Raven Faith Records. The album was recorded at Two Dogs studio in Sioux City, Iowa and was recorded essentially live with the band as a unit to give a more vintage sound. Continue reading »