Aug 182016

Rapture_Bandphoto_5e3Hardcore giants Rapture from Los Angeles, California, just released their sophomore release “Persevere” from OnTheAttack Records. This album is a fresh jolt of the band’s signature old-school hardcore style featuring hooks, thunderous beats, and massive breakdowns. Persevere is bold in the band’s Christian faith, and offers heartfelt solutions to the troubles of the world. Musically unique, yet standing on the shoulders of bands like Terror, Sleeping Giant and Comeback Kid.

Digital copies are available through iTunes and physical CDs of “Persevere” is available through the OnTheAttack webstore. Continue reading »

Rapture – “Trials” (EP)

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May 082015

raptureWhen I hear the phrase LA hardcore in these days, I instantly think of bands like Terror with their muscular, down-tuned, brand of heavy guitar driven songs that basically make the listener feel s as if someone was to grab you by the shirt and shake you while screaming in your face.  The hardcore imprint of Thumper Punk Records, has brought us the debut by Rapture as a free ep, straight from LA and they certainly aim to fit that mold of LA hardcore.

Trials certainly starts off on the right track with an ominous bass line quickly joined in by the rest of the band but things get a bit odd when the vocals open up with what sounds like “bleh”.  As odd as that sounds, it appears in a different song later as well.  Granted, vocal stylings are unique to singers, but I can’t help see this as odd.  Most of the songs on this ep unfortunately do follow a formula with fast verse sections broken up by breakdown sections.  There’s nothing wrong with this and I get that this is normal in what’s labeled “hardcore” these days, but it does actually take away from the power of the songs when the flow is interrupted. Continue reading »

Mar 062015

Rapture-bandOnTheAttack Records is pleased to announce that the band Rapture from Los Angeles, California, has joined its family of bands, and is releasing its debut album “Trials” as a free download.

“Trials” breathes fresh air back into the old-school hardcore scene with driving beats, breakdowns and earnest lyrics reflecting the band’s Faith. Yes, the bandmembers are Christians, and they don’t hide it on “Trials”. But, they also meet the listener half-way with their positive vibes, sing-along gang vocals, and a shared commitment to each other and the listener. Musically unique, yet standing on the shoulders of bands like Terror, Dynasty, and xLooking Forwardx. Continue reading »