Dec 022020

The young dudes from Brotality recently released their newest Ep “Prisoners Of The Abyss” via Rottweiler Records. Check out Reece’s inspiration and explanation behind the lyrics for “Prisoners Of The Abyss” in the video below. – “Prisoners Of The Abyss” is available now on all streaming/downloading platforms!!!

Brotality is a young metal band committed to carrying the metal torch and igniting hope through heavy riffs, powerful lyrics and commanding performances – brothers Bryce Maopolski (17, guitar and vocals) and Reece Maopolski (16, bass and vocals), along with Liam Fenton (14, drums) – have created a band that unapologetically takes its sonic cues straight from the founding fathers of metal. With tight songwriting, muscular vocals, and crushing riffs in abundance, Brotality have created a dynamic force worthy of carrying forward the Heavy Metal moniker. They cite Mastodon, Megadeth, and Alice Cooper as influences, and it won’t take long for anyone who listens to their music to be smacked in the face with an undeniable old-school sensibility.

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Nov 282020

Metal band Brotality have teamed up with The Metal Resource to bring you the exclusive premiere of their new music video for ‘Prisoners Of The Abyss’. The track is taken of their new D45 which is released yesterday (Nov. 27) via Rottweiler Records.

Guitarist Bryce Maopolski has the following to say: 

“From the first hit to the last, Prisoners Of The Abyss features brutal, driving drums that pulse with the crushing riffs and soaring vocal melodies found throughout this unapologetic metal tune!”

He adds: “Lyrically, Prisoners Of The Abyss tackles the pitfalls and dangers of addiction to technology in today’s society. With its driving verses and soaring choruses, this epic metal anthem urges listeners to forego technological temptation and discover their destinies.”

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