Feb 132019
The Brazilian Heavy/Power Metal band Prelúdio X had released a few days ago on their Youtube Channel, a live video for the track ’Precioso Sargue’ (Precious Blood), taken from their EP “Triunfo da Vida” (Triumph Of Life). But the band had some problems with the video, so the old version was erased.
Now, a new version, that mix the audio form the studio recording with scenes from the Oktober Only Rock 2018 concert, when the band receive Gleice Vieira (Lilium Viate) as special guest vocal in ’Precioso Sangue’ (Precious Blood)
The video can be seen below.

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Jan 132019

With almost 12 years of career (including a 5 years hiatus period), the Brazilian Heavy Metal band Prelúdio X released in the first days of this new year, the EP “Triunfo da Vida” (Triumph Of Life) that works like a celebration for all the band’s existence.

The lead singer Leandro Silva says that: “this EP is our first release since we came back from the hiatus that started in 2012 and runned till 2017. It’s an EP with 4 tracks (+ 1 intro), but 3 songs from the EP are reworked and rerecorded versions from our first release called “Origem” and that was releases in 2009. Now the songs received a better production and shows to the public our new line-up.”

“Triunfo da Vida” (Triumph Of Life) was recorded in J.A. Studio w/ Joel Lima (who also mixed and mastered the EP) and was produced by the band itself and can be downloaded for free on the link below. Continue reading »