Sep 112018

Deny the Fallen is a modern metal band featuring two classic Christian metal artist’s (Rey Parra and Jonathan Johnson) from the band Sacred Warrior. The debut release of Deny The Fallen “Symptoms Of Eternity” will be released this fall via Dunamis Records. The lyric video for the new song Predator can be seen below.

..don’t forget everyone who orders “Symptoms Of Eternity”will also get a FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of the unreleased album from ZEAL called THE ROAD (only available when you pre order…will not be available for sale at anytime) and the last track is going to be download only so the physical copy will only have 11 songs ending with Death Ratle.

The band stated: “Guys I can’t think of another debut release that’s coming out swinging like this one EVER!!! Stop and think about this…former members of the legendary metal band Sacred Warrior joining forces with the likes of Dale ThompsonJimmy Brown, and Stryper guitarist Oz Fox to create a metal masterpiece that is brutally heavy, yet melodic and ready to throw down with any metal release in the mainstream community…folks this isn’t just hype…just listen for yourself…” Continue reading »