Jul 052017

Blackened Symphonic Melodic Death metal band Renascent is seeking your support to release “Praise of the Lord Almighty” in CD digipack format for the very first time. Learn more at their IndieGogo Campaign.

Renascent originally from Helsinki, Finland. Nowadays, we’re located in Indiana, United States, actively pursuing musical endeavors. We hope to release our full-length album, “Praise of the Lord God Almighty”, as a CD digipack. This would mark the first time that it’s available in a physical format, with a new slightly improved mix and master that differentiates it from the digital version. Continue reading »

Nov 222016

PraiseoftheLordGodAlmightyIndiana band by way of Helsinki, Renascent, return after a lengthy hiatus to unleash another collection of melodic death metal

Just looking at the band member names, one can quickly tell that Renascent are not a native Bloomington, Indiana band even if they are based there now.  The band itself finds its origins in Helsinki, Finland, dating back to 2003 with the Demon’s Quest ep coming out in 2004 and a full length Through Darkness in 2005.  Interestingly, the band started with Jani Stefanovic on drums, the same Jani Stefanovic now playing guitar for bands like Miseration and Solution .45 among others.  Following release of Through Darkness in 2005, the band essentially went on hiatus with Stefanovic and vocalist Barry Hilliden both leaving.  The band reformed in 2014 and began work on Praise to the Lord God Almighty with guitarist Eero Tertsunen adding vocal duties and drummer Rolf Pilve covering most of the tracks on this album with Joonas Heikkinen taking over for the last track. The album was produced by Eero Tertsunen and Mikaela Akrenius and mixed and mastered by Eero Tertsunen Continue reading »

Nov 072016

PraiseoftheLordGodAlmightyThe Finnish melodic metal band Renascent has returned after more than 10 years with a brand new album “Praise of the Lord God Almighty”. The album contains 12 tracks and has a playing time of almost one hour. The title song can be streamed in the video below.

Renascent started in the beginning of the year 2003. The band started with drummer Jani Stefanovic (Solution .45, Miseration, Divine Fire etc) meeting guitarist Eero Tertsunen and keyboardist Mikaela Akrenius. The band official came up with their name the same week bassist Voitto Rintala joining the band. In Summer 2004, the band hired Barry Hilliden to become their vocalist and the band recorded their debut ep “Demon’s Quest.” In 2005, the band released “Through Darkness” and soon after the release, Stefanovic and Hilliden both departed from the band. Stefanovic then formed the band Miseration with former Scar Symmetry vocalist Christian Älvestam. The band remained inactive until around 2014, when the band started recording a new album.  Continue reading »