Mar 152018

Platoon 1107 announces the release of their “Day of Anger” EP, which combines five songs into a single track spanning three minutes and forty seconds of intensity and aggression, with emotional lyrics dealing with the loss of a beloved father. Complex in structure, with changes in tempo and rhythm distilled from grief, pain and anger. Hardcore American patriotic punk.

All music, lyrics, vocals, guitar, bass, recording, mixing, and production by Jimmy Sisco. Interludes are taken from various public domain sources. Otherwise, copyright © The Sisco Kid Music (SESAC), 2018. All rights reserved. Available for free download at Bandcamp.

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Dec 292017

Thumper Punk Records pleased to announce the release of Platoon 1107’s album called “Respect Is Due”, featuring cover songs of seven hardcore punk classic tracks. The music is heavy, urgent, and without the frills, with a total track time of just over 8 minutes. Hardcore American patriotic punk paying homage to those who have earned their respect. Continue reading »

Platoon 1107 – E.P. Series

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Oct 082016

jimmy_sisco_316Many bands are taking to releasing short ep’s to get their music out more often and in smaller doses to fans and Jimmy Sisco with his Platoon 1107 project has fully embraced this trend, rapidly releasing three free ep’s followed by a live ep.  In the end, there is 25 songs of raucous hardcore punk with a couple covers thrown in for good measure.

Jimmy Sisco (ex-Absolved) started this solo side project, Platoon 1107, to honor those who went through boot camp with him at the Marine Corp Recruit Depot in San Diego.  Outside of these four recent ep’s, Platoon 1107 has been on at least seven other releases including a split with the Cants, the full length, We Glory in the Title, the Live Free or Die ep, and three benefit compilations.  Most of the releases feature Jimmy handling all the music duties but for the Alive 1 ep, he did assemble a band to record the live show and he is currently in process of assembling a regular live band for shows.

First off, let’s just say that the Tourette’s, Straight Edge, and Marine Forever…Forever Marine ep’s are all available for free download and are worth picking up even if you had to pay for them, so what are you waiting for?  Free hardcore punk rock, go get it.  Continue reading »

Sep 202016

platoon_1107_-_alive_1_album_cover_371Thumper Punk Records is pleased to announce the release of Platoon 1107’s “Alive 1” EP, a live recording of the band in all its punk rock glory. This is the final installment in the band’s EP Series, which features three FREE EP releases “Tourettes” EP, “Straight Edge” EP, “Marine Forever…Forever Marine” EP, and a recording of their blockbuster live set called Alive 1 EP. Guaranteed to blow your doors off. Hardcore American patriotic punk has returned!

The name Platoon 1107 honors the individuals that went through boot camp at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego with Jimmy Sisco, USMC Vet. The full band on their “Alive 1” EP features Jimmy (lead vocals/guitars), Steve (guitars), JohnnyBoy (bass), and Tim (drums). Recorded live at Angel City in Bellflower, CA on February 15, 2014.

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Sep 152016

platoon_1107_mffmep-coverPatriotic punk outfit Platoon 1107 just releases its “Marine Forever…Forever Marine EP”, the third FREE release as part of its four EP Series. 8 crazy minutes of awesome. This EP features one of their best songs ‘Marines MC,’ which is a tribute to the Marines Motorcycle Club:

“United States Marines: the few and the proud, Rollin hard on the boulevard the pipes are loud. American patriots on American bikes, Fearing nothing, fearing no one…Semper Fi! Marines MC. Honor, courage, and commitment and brotherhood, The same that was present in Iraq and Belleau Wood. God, Country, Corps they will never neglect, To Marines MC much love and respect. Marines MC, Marine forever…forever Marine, Ooh Rah”

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