Apr 262018

Linus Serholt shares such a powerful testimony in “I give up breath never spirit”, the first track on Kvit’s maiden EP called “Earth to Earth” (2016). “They may break my body but my soul’s not mine to give.” It makes me think of Daniel in the lions’ den, or Stephen, the first Christian martyr. What I also really like is how the band breaks out into an instrumental chorus, and how they use the guitars to build to a climax with the words, “Even if the walls are closing in, You won’t see me breaking.” While Kvit play alternative rock rather than heavy metal, the music is marked by a seriousness that prompts me to continue listening

Kvit succeed in rendering a sombre mood. I put it down to how both guitarists use chords to colour their sound, and their choices for overdriven and distorted tones. The guitars have a shrill chime that contrasts effectively with Serholt’s voice.

In “Oh say can you see” we are urged to “stop digging holes, and start climbing ladders”. A synthesizer, the bass guitar and the drums feature heavily at the start, providing gravity “As the walls are closing in….” You can mistake Kvit’s sobering outlook as pessimistic, but then you hear a lyric like, “Time to lift our eyes and see that there is more to life….” It is clear that Kvit ask hard questions, to which there aren’t easy answers. There is a yearning for fulfilment beyond what this world can offer. Continue reading »