May 122017

‘Hidden Colors,’ the track that kicks off Broadside’s highly anticipated album is here now. The bands second studio album, “Paradise,” is set for worldwide release on June 16. Broadside continud their North American tour yesterday in Sacramento with Real Friends, Have Mercy, Tiny Moving Parts and Nothing, Nowhere, with more summer dates to be announced soon.

On the clip, vocalist Ollie Baxxter explains, “We wanted to represent the women in our life with the utmost respect and how grateful we are for them. We live in a very romantic time, but not enough people are focusing on where the romance actually comes from, the pure undying desire for love. ‘Hidden Colors’ is about young lovers in the night. It’s about telling that person just what you appreciate about them. You can NEVER tell someone enough how much they actually mean to you.” Continue reading »

Apr 272017

The wait is over! Broadside will be releasing their second studio album, “Paradise,” returning to the music scene with a larger than life eagerness to inspire. Today, the band releases the first video and single, ‘Puzzle Pieces,’ (below) with longtime supporter Alternative Press, who nominated Broadside as ‘Best Underground Band’ for this year’s AP Music Awards. “Paradise” will be available on vinyl, CD and digitally on June 16. Starting tonight, audiences will be treated to new cuts from “Paradise” as Broadside hit the road with Real Friends, Have Mercy, Tiny Moving Parts and Nothing, Nowhere.

“We have been picking ourselves apart to really find the focus of what people will think when they hear the name Broadside with this new record,” confides front-man Ollie Baxxter. On ‘Puzzle Pieces,’ he continues, “As I’m getting older and the band progresses, we’re being put into situations where we have the opportunity to reach a wider audience. Do we take advantage of those opportunities or stay true to who we are and express our ideals? Eventually you must ask yourself, at what cost does this come? Do I edit myself or do I speak the harsh reality of the creative industry? Puzzle pieces – it takes one piece to either start or finish an entire piece of art.” Continue reading »