Jan 112018

Demon Hunter (US) and Pantokrator (SWE) would tour Brazil by the end of this month, but unfortunately for all fans, this tour will be postponed to later this year. Pantokrator states:

Dear friends in Brazil we regret to inform that due to circumstances outside of our reach Demon Hunter has to postpone the tour together with us this month to a later date this year.

Down below you can read a statement from Demon Hunter and EV7 Live.

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Dec 052017

Melech is a side project from Ricke and Karl of Swedish death metal band Pantokrator and exist as an additional creative outlet. All music is written and performed by Rickard, lyrics by Karl. The debut album “Melech Ha Olam” is just released through the returned Nordic Mission Productions. Available in digital format as well as a physical copy. All lyrics are in Swedish, but translations are featured in the booklet.

For a taste of the album, check out the lyric video for ‘Befriare’ (Liberator) below. Continue reading »

Dec 042017

Jachin is the solo project from Rickard Gustafsson (Pantokrator, Melech). The second song is just released.

Rickard states: I’m super excited to present to you my very first music video from this project. The song is available for purchase at Jachins official bandcamp
I give you ‘Fisher King’.

For fans of Wovehand,Kent and various folk/pop/rock artists/bands. The song is available for streaming and/or download on bandcamp.

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Sep 202017

The organization of Elements of Rock festival checked in with the following

With joy we can announce the first band for the element of rock festival from 13 April 2018! We were thinking a little bit of worship from Pantokrator can’t hurt…

The 15th edition of the annual Elements of Rock is going to be held 13-15 April 2018. As usual in Stadthofsaal, Uster, Switzerland. More bands will be announced in the coming months. We keep you posted.

Pantokrator and Demon Hunter recently announced a Brazilian 2018 tour, which kicks off on Jan. 24th. in Itaim Bibi. Continue reading »

Sep 102017

Last year on International Listen to Pantokrator Day (not a joke, a holiday celebrated by their fans on May 6), Pantokrator released a cover for ‘Awesome God.’ The song is widely known and sung among Christians, the original made famous by the penman Rich Mullins. The video is now available with Portuguese subtitles, check it out below.

Pantokrator and Demon Hunter recently announced a Brazilian 2018 tour which kicks off on Jan. 24th. in Itaim Bibi.

“We are extremely happy to finally come to Brazil and meet all of our wonderful supporters and fans! Brazil are you ready for some Swedish death metal?”

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