May 042019

India based metal band R.A.I.D. (Rueban And the Imperium Division) are gearing up for the release of their second full length album after releasing their debut album “The Strong Survive” last year: ‘Outrage’ is their new lyric video and can be watched below.

“The song ‘Outrage’ is about breaking free from the norms and pressures created by society/the people around us.” said frontman Rueben Issac. “A lot of poisonous trends have been created that affect a good way of life. To overcome these hurdles, the only way out is to have an unbreakable state of mind. We are the captain of our fate, the master of our soul, the boss of our dreams and the king of our goals. It is up to us to negate the poison around us and create our own legacy.”

‘Outrage’ is being released as a Digital 45 along with their previous single ‘Unbreakable’. More details about the currently untitled album will be released in the coming days via Rottweiler Records. Continue reading »