Oct 092020

Pantokrator‘s “Out of Babylon” will be released December 1st this year, but on monday you can place your order! We [Nordic Mission] are VERY excited about this release, so we want to already now give you a glimpse of what we have coming in! Timon Kokott have outdone himself with an artwork you have never seen before. It is way to big for a LP cover, so we made a A2 poster that also works as an inlay for the LP. Limited to 300 copies worldwide on BLACK vinyl.

The CD version will have the entire “tower” as a fold-out inlay.
And for all you underground freaks, there will also be a CASSETTE version, limited to 99 copies! This will be the first in line of our Nordic Mission CASSETTE collectors set. Don’t miss out! Last there will not only 1, but 2 different t-shirt motives! All are limited quantities!

We have no doubt – this is their ultimate album! Their absolute highlight and a MONSTER of a metal beast! Death metal – melodic, yet brutal! Join us for the escape “Out Of Babylon”! Are you ready? CHECK BACK ON MONDAY MID-DAY!

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Oct 072020

Nordic Mission are proud to announce the releasedate for Pantokrator‘s new album. Their 4th fullength album will be unleashed everywhere on December 1st this year. We have no doubt – this is their ultimate album! Their absolute highlight and a MONSTER of a metal beast! Death metal – melodic, yet brutal! The coverart for “Out Of Babylon” can be seen below. Are you ready?

Until now Pantokrator have released two new songs, ‘Crossroads’ featuring Jani Stevanovic (Miseration, Solution 45, Divinefire) and ‘Wedlock’ featuring C.J. Grimmark from the mighty and awesome band Narnia. The lyric video for both songs can be watched below.

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Oct 012020

The lyric video for Pantokrator‘s new single ‘Wedlock’ can be seen below. The song is featuring C.J. Grimmark from the mighty and awesome band Narnia. The comeback of the Swedish death metal legends is well on its way, warming up for the full length coming later this fall with ‘Wedlock’.

You may think that this song is written from an entirely male perspective You would be absolutely right, and the video in and on itself is a celebration of the female form.

The lyrics were written by a man for the woman he loves. The music is written and performed by men for the women they love. It ought to have been on “Songs of Solomon”, but alas it came too late.

From us to you ladies ( you know who you are ). From all men who may listen, to the women they love. To all women who may listen, from the men that love them..

How beautiful are your feet in their shoes, you noble! The roundness of your hips is like the cups of a breastplate, made by the hands of an artist. Your womb is a rounded bowl, may the wine never be taken in it.
Song of Solomon 7

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Jun 062020

Pantokrator checked in with the following: We are very happy to finally present to you the first single from our new album. We give you ‘Crossroads.’ Guest solo on ‘Crossroads’ by Jani Stevanovic (Miseration, Solution 45, Divinefire). The track appers on their upcoming album “Out of Babylon” which will be released this fall on Nordic Mission.

“No one really knows why they are ALIVE
until they know what they’d die for. / Martin Luther King”

Check out the lyric video for ‘Crossroads’ below.

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May 092020

On May 6 it was again “International Pantokrator day” (not a joke, it is a holiday celebrated by their fans on May 6)  this was also the day that Swedish metal band Pantokrator announced their long-awaited new album entitled ” Out of Babylon”. which will be released this fall via Nordic Mission A short video update from (drummer) Rickard can be watched below (the video contains some music snippets) – The first single will be released on June 6th.

Out of Babylon” will be the follow-up to “Incarnate” which has been released in 2014,

Also below a short video update from Markus from Nordic Mission.

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