Jun 222022

Recent Solid State Records signing Opponent recently launched a music video for the track ‘Fading’ from their new album “Sentinel“. The aforementioned label hat that record scheduled for a July 08th release date.

“There’s something inside all of us that knows we can’t put up a fight forever, even if the fight is to accept reality. ‘Fading‘ is a song about the realization that fear, doubt, and anxiety all cloud the light we have within.

The light of hope, that we can triumph over struggle, is a light that can fade, and there is nothing more terrifying than seeing that your own is in process of fading out. Like a young flame in the wilderness, even a brittle wind can extinguish the only thing that brings life. ‘Fading‘ is sung from a place of seeing that flame flickering in and out of a fragile existence.”

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May 062022

Opponent is a metal band from Seattle, WA fronted by vocalist, guitarist, & videographer Andy Maier

They have joined the Solid State Records family. Check out the video for their new single ‘Betrayed’ below.

Lighting Director: James McKenna / R90 Lighting
Director of Photography: Zac Schwiet

Stream ‘Betrayed’ wherever you get your music — http://ffm.to/betrayed

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