Apr 212020

Judgement Day, the American Straightedge Hardcore from SoCal is back with an ep showing a much more muscular sound than on their demo and shifting toward slower brand of metalcore from the metal-influence hardcore on their demo.

Around six years ago, I reviewed the demo from JudgementXDay and thought a lot of what I heard had a lot of promise, but then I never really heard anything after that, so seeing this come across my desk, made me go back to the demo.  Since the demo, the band had released a full length in 2016, The Altar, and the sound there serves as a good intermediate between the demo and this ep.  The sound this time around is much heavier, even slower and sort of sludgy at times, which contrasts quite a bit from the faster demo and The Altar from several years ago.  This time around the ep was recorded and mixed by Taylor Young (Nails, Twitching Tongues) at The Pit Studios, Van Nuys, California and mastered by Audiosiege, Portland, Oregon.

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Apr 242014

LIVOut of the South Bay section of Los Angeles comes the debut album “Be The Change” by up-and-coming hardcore band LIV.  Undeniably passionate and energetic, LIV. formed in December of 2012, unleashing a sound that is both infectious and powerful. Their music delivers a message that is equal parts youthful angst and hopeful for the future.

The album which is titled ”Be The Change” is released today via On The Attack Records. Hardcore that embodies the love, the passion, the sorrow, the anger, the pain, the struggle, and the promise of life.  Continue reading »