Feb 202018

Nordic Mission are proud to announce the distribution of this fantastic re-release! Norway’s metal scene in the early 90’s: During a time when other fellow countrymen and extreme metal fans were occupied with burning down churches and other criminal activities, even including murders, a small group of people with a totally different view of life’s destiny and purpose stood up. Even inspired by the musial aspect of their «brothers», the so-called black metal movement, these guys were ahead of their time. Hated by the scene and misunderstood by the church, Antestor rehearsed in the underground surrounded by traditional Norwegian landscape to create a unique and atmospheric sound. Call it black metal if you like. Or «sorrow metal» which is perhaps a better description to the musical as well as the lyrical feeling on “Kongsblod”. Recorded in 1997, and distributed as a promo to metal labels around the world which led to a “record deal” with a certain black metal label, that ended up changing lots of vital elements from the original package as it was intended by the group themselves.

But here it is 20 years after; Continue reading »

Aug 292017

Flukt, a Black Metal band from Vennesla Norway will release a seven inch vinyl single through the Nordic Mission Record Label this Autumn. The release date is set to October 28th. Flukt will celebrate the release at NordicFest in Oslo 27-28th October.

The vinyl single entitled ‘Fortapelse’ was recorded during summer 2017 partly in Hulløen Studio and Lomtjønn Dungeons. Jon Ivar (Dalit & Cloth) has done the Mixing job and the single was mastered by Jeff at JMastering. Longtime friend of the band and live member of Flukt Stig Erklev perfom Bass guitar on the record. Continue reading »

Jun 142017

Our friends at Nordic Mission‘s are back with the 12th edition of their own Christian metal festival, Nordic Fest will be held October 27-28th this year and the place is Sub Scene, Oslo downtown, Norway. The organisation are eager to present to you the first bands, but right now you can order your tickets! We have released only 50 earlybird tickets at a very reduced price. The price will rise when the first bands are announced!

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Sep 112015

NORDICFESTLOGOAs previously reported, after an absence of three years, Nordic Fest is back. The festival will be held 25-27 September 2015, as usual in the Subscene, Oslo, Norway.

The following bands will be on stage: Ascendant (DK), Dalit (NO), Grave Declaration (NO), Leonov (NO), Mantric (NO), Necroblation (CH), Search For Safety (NO) + 1 Profound Desire (FIN) & Frosthardr (NO).

The Legacy of Norwegian symphonic black metal is indeed in good hands! Grave Declaration composes their music delightfully with beauty and brutality. And that is something to our liking! Get ready to scream your praise and bang your head! Continue reading »

Nov 052012

Norwegian unblack metal band Antestor have revealed the artwork for the upcoming album, the new album is titled Omen will be released by Bombworks Records and is the follow up to The Forsaken [2005].  Pre-Orders are available now at Nordic Mission. The CD will be shipped on November 30th. This album is a must have for every extreme metal fan. Artwork can be seen below.

Last weekend Antestor played on the fifth edition of the annual Brainstorm Fest. in Apeldoorn. That was the first Antestor show ever in the Netherlands. A great performance and the gentlemen have left behind a good impression. Check below fan-filmed footage of A Sovereign Fortress. Continue reading »