Nov 122020


We still lack bands for a full program, so we’re cutting the festival down to one day, Saturday only. Tune in at our YouTube channel on Saturday.

The live stream will be FREE and accessible globally for everyone and start at 6 PM CET on Saturday! There will also be a stream with Spanish translation available.

Due to COVID-19 blowing up like crazy in Oslo, we are saddened by the news that Cloth, Flukt and Dalit can’t play at NF this year. Luckily, Renascent was able to play, and we’re super excited!

In addition to the 4 bands, we’ll also talk about our past and future releases as well as answer questions. We have more stuff planned, but for that you will have to wait and see..

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Nov 042020

It is time to gather the FAMILY again! As all of you know making plans for the future became hard with this blasted virus, but the skull grinding metal train that is Nordic Fest, will not be stopped by negative thinking and worst-case scenarios. So….

We are proud to invite you ALL to the 14th edition of Nordic Fest. For the first time the festival can be experienced from your living room, as we are producing a 5-camera livestream with professional sound and picture. This is to welcome the entire extended Nordic Fest and Nordic Mission family to the venue we all hold close to our hearts: Sub Scene in downtown Oslo.

The stream will be available via our YouTube channel and is free to watch. With the help of Exodo Fest in Mexico and Die X Live in Chile, the streamed festival will also be available to Latin America, with some Spanish subtitles. Not only will the festival have bands playing, there will also be a live studio between the show including reports, interviews and greetings from the scene, news from Nordic Mission and a grand ending with the celebration of the Holy Communion. Be ready with wine and bread!

We will ask humbly for donations during and after the streamed festival. We accept PayPal, Vipps (Norway), Swish (Sweden) and Mercado Pago (Mexico). The money will help cover the production of this festival as well as helping the future of both Nordic Fest and Nordic Mission.

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Oct 092020

Pantokrator‘s “Out of Babylon” will be released December 1st this year, but on monday you can place your order! We [Nordic Mission] are VERY excited about this release, so we want to already now give you a glimpse of what we have coming in! Timon Kokott have outdone himself with an artwork you have never seen before. It is way to big for a LP cover, so we made a A2 poster that also works as an inlay for the LP. Limited to 300 copies worldwide on BLACK vinyl.

The CD version will have the entire “tower” as a fold-out inlay.
And for all you underground freaks, there will also be a CASSETTE version, limited to 99 copies! This will be the first in line of our Nordic Mission CASSETTE collectors set. Don’t miss out! Last there will not only 1, but 2 different t-shirt motives! All are limited quantities!

We have no doubt – this is their ultimate album! Their absolute highlight and a MONSTER of a metal beast! Death metal – melodic, yet brutal! Join us for the escape “Out Of Babylon”! Are you ready? CHECK BACK ON MONDAY MID-DAY!

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Oct 072020

Nordic Mission are proud to announce the releasedate for Pantokrator‘s new album. Their 4th fullength album will be unleashed everywhere on December 1st this year. We have no doubt – this is their ultimate album! Their absolute highlight and a MONSTER of a metal beast! Death metal – melodic, yet brutal! The coverart for “Out Of Babylon” can be seen below. Are you ready?

Until now Pantokrator have released two new songs, ‘Crossroads’ featuring Jani Stevanovic (Miseration, Solution 45, Divinefire) and ‘Wedlock’ featuring C.J. Grimmark from the mighty and awesome band Narnia. The lyric video for both songs can be watched below.

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Cloth – “Axis Mundi” (EP)

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Jun 032020

Well not every day do I get an opportunity to review a black metal band, so it excites me when something like this gets presented to me and allows me to adjust my peripheral for a moment, and all I have is the cold hard facts to work with as presented to me.

So let’s get technical and historical for a moment. Christian black metal is often touted as unblack metal and its origins are largely a disputed one, but it’s safe to say both Australian’s Horde and Norway’s Antestor are the fathers of the genre. Obviously Unblack metal focuses on Christian themes and philosophies. A lot of this genre’s music has adopted unconventional song structures.

So here we got a band by the name of Cloth with their album, Axis Mundi off the label Nordic Mission Productions up under review. Cloth is a musical collective consisting of members of, Stronghold, DALIT and Aspiration. So these Black Metal rockers take you through a journey of the hopelessness of humankind we all feel. It confronts what has led us to where we are, and to what end we all are coming closer to – with a strong philosophical and allegorical backbone behind it all.

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