Dec 112017

Norwegian Hardcore/Metalcore band Eleos playing ‘The Vision’ at Nordic Fest 2017 Check out the video below.

The 12th edition of Nordic Fest took place on October 27-28th. as usual in club Sub Scene in Oslo.

Other performing bands were: Fleshkiller, Crimson Moonlight, InnerWish, Death Therapy, Flukt, Freekings, Grøde, Skald In Veum. Continue reading »

Sep 202017

Nordic Mission in collaboration with Subscene is proud to be able to invite to Nordicfest-Kick-off now on Saturday Sept. 23th. in the capital! It will be a delicious dose of metal and hardcore from Danish Unseen Faith which is plateaktuelle and the Norwegian-Columbian band Sobre Todo Nombre. This day will be sale of nordicfest tickets and records and merch from Nordic Mission! Take the trip! (Facebook Event)

One month later (Oct. 27-28th) it’s time for the 12th edition of Nordic Fest, with a killer line-up: Fleshkiller (NO), Crimson Moonlight (SWE), Innerwish (GR), Death TherapyY (US), Flukt (NO), Eleos (NO), Freakings (SUI), Grøde (NO), Skald In Veum (…)

Sobre Todo Nombre is a metal-core band based in Kristiansand, Norway. The band originates in 2006, from Bogotá, Colombia but two years ago, the band moved to Kristiansand. The band has evolved from Hardcore and Progressive Metal rhythms. Continue reading »

Jul 062017

Our friends at Nordic Mission are back with a new edition of their own Christian metal festival, Nordic Fest which will be held October 27-28th this year and the place is Sub Scene, Oslo downtown, Norway. The organisation checked in with the following

Dear friends! There have been 4 long years with silence since Nordicfest had the epic 10th anniversary in November 2011. It was a Grand finale for sure, and we have a lot of wonderful memories. This was the perfect way to end an era.. But in the aftermath of the anniversary we could feel that our hearts were still not at peace. A yearning slowly grew through the silence and after a while it gave life to a dream. A dream of gathering the family again..

Now the time is here! From the shadows of the valley of death, Nordicfest is resurrected! Continue reading »

Jun 142017

Our friends at Nordic Mission‘s are back with the 12th edition of their own Christian metal festival, Nordic Fest will be held October 27-28th this year and the place is Sub Scene, Oslo downtown, Norway. The organisation are eager to present to you the first bands, but right now you can order your tickets! We have released only 50 earlybird tickets at a very reduced price. The price will rise when the first bands are announced!

We will keep you posted. Continue reading »

Sep 112015

NORDICFESTLOGOAs previously reported, after an absence of three years, Nordic Fest is back. The festival will be held 25-27 September 2015, as usual in the Subscene, Oslo, Norway.

The following bands will be on stage: Ascendant (DK), Dalit (NO), Grave Declaration (NO), Leonov (NO), Mantric (NO), Necroblation (CH), Search For Safety (NO) + 1 Profound Desire (FIN) & Frosthardr (NO).

The Legacy of Norwegian symphonic black metal is indeed in good hands! Grave Declaration composes their music delightfully with beauty and brutality. And that is something to our liking! Get ready to scream your praise and bang your head! Continue reading »