Sep 272017

Soundmass Records very pleased to announce the release of Grave Forsaken’s 7th studio album, “It Has Begun”, on Nocturnal Mass*. This continues our 8 year, 5 album collaboration with these Western Australian thrash stalwarts.

13 years since their inception, Grave Forsaken have never given up or let up, loyal to the metal scene and God they are so passionate about. Their hard work has seen them improve with every album and “It Has Begun” continues this trend with another healthy output of unyielding thrash and heavy metal. Fans who have come to love the band’s trademark sound will not be disappointed. Continue reading »

Aug 262012

Nocturnal Mass is pleased to announce that their very first release – a split CD featuring Polish bands Malchus and Pospolite Ruszenie – is now available for pre-order at Soundmass Downloads.

Melodic/progressive death metal band Malchus, formed in 2004, give us “Caput Mundi” – their 2nd studio album. 7 songs (30 minutes) of hard-to-label metal – compositions characterized by their interesting structure and form. Imagine melding Opeth and Dream Theater, with guest vocals from outstanding Illuminandi/Pospolite Ruszenie vocalist Jan Trebacz. Continue reading »